'Property Brothers' Drew Scott On His Wife's Pregnancy Journey

Following a two-year fertility journey, an IUI, and IVF, the couple are close to welcoming their first child. Here's what surprised them most—and what they wish they'd known—on the road to parenthood.

Property Brothers star Drew Scott and podcast producer Linda Phan—his wife of almost four years (and partner of nearly 12)—are getting ready to welcome their first child together. As they prepare, Phan says she's been surprised by how fast it all seems to be going, but notes one of the biggest challenges has been making sure they have the time to experience the pregnancy as a couple.

"The toughest part is lining up our schedules so that we're both experiencing it," she says in a video that coincides with the spring issue of Reveal magazine. She points out that although she's the one going through physical changes, she wants her husband to feel like he's a part of the process as well.

Despite that, they have been discovering a great deal together. "There's always something new that we're learning," explains Scott, who along with his brother, Jonathan, shares the stories behind home renovations and life in Reveal. "It's almost like Christmas every other day."

Although the parents-to-be might feel like they're having lightbulb moments these days, there was a time when the pair felt like they were in the dark about why they weren't conceiving. Lacking both the support team and the knowledge that they now have, the couple started out on a two-year fertility journey that involved trying to conceive naturally, then through IUI and IVF.

Drew Scott and Linda Phan

But as they went through the highs and lows of fertility treatments, finding their people—both health care providers and other couples going through similar experiences to conceive—bolstered their confidence, notes Scott.

"When it comes to IVF, I wish someone told me that there's such a supportive community," adds Phan. "That's the thing I leaned into the most and appreciated the most."

Scott agrees, admitting that initially, he had "no idea just how many people have had really rough experiences getting to finally having a baby." He adds, "The more we realized a lot of people go through some pretty tough journeys as well, it helped to build a community of support."

Now, by sharing their experience and raising awareness around conception journeys like their own, the couple aims to support the community that was there for them along the way.

The HGTV host and the podcast producer are also happily doing their best to be in the moment. "I was glad that we were told to enjoy this journey leading up to it, because we're not really freaking out over anything," says Scott. "We're just embracing it as it comes."

Reveal Cover

The experience has amplified just how grateful the adorable couple are for one another. As the proud dad-to-be puts it, "I could not imagine experiencing this journey with anybody else."

Now, as he and Phan count down the days until the arrival of their child, Property Brothers fans are sure to be waiting for more heartwarming updates.

Read more from Drew Scott and Linda Phan about their pregnancy journey and follow along on their YouTube channel.

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