The designer and mom of Harlow, 11, and Sparrow, 10, gets real about raising a fashion-forward family in a game of Parenting Truths.

By Jessica Hartshorn
October 03, 2019

Designer Nicole Richie is known for her style, from her House of Harlow 1960 accessories line to her red-carpet outfits honed from a Hollywood upbringing as a daughter of singing legend Lionel Richie. Now the mother of Harlow, 11, and Sparrow, 10, says her kids share her love of fashion—and she admits that she’s grooving on their preteen tastes.

“I don’t really shop for them,” Richie admits. “I let them pick out their own looks.” And their choices are apparently pretty awesome.

“We borrow each other’s stuff all the time,” Richie says of her and daughter Harlow. In fact, they’ve started writing their names on the label of clothing to keep track of who owns what. Meanwhile, son Sparrow wears the same size shoes as his mom, so she suddenly has a very impressive sneaker collection to pull from!

We caught up with Richie at the launch of the Capsule Chix collection from Moose Toys, a collection of $15 highly customizable, mix-and-match fashion dolls for ages 6 years+. Richie designed 13 looks for Capsule Chix and admits that, at home, she had as much fun playing with them as any kid. “What I love so much about the concept of this doll is that it really celebrates individuality,” Richie says. “It lets whoever is playing decide what’s beautiful to them. The days of just handing someone a blonde, blue-eyed doll are over because that’s not what everyone looks like. It’s certainly not what I look like. And these encourage kids to tap into their creativity.”

Nicole Richie Celebrates the Launch of Capsule Chix fashion Dolls
Style icon, actress, entrepreneur, and mom Nicole Richie celebrates the launch of Capsule Chix fashion dolls during an exclusive presentation ahead of New York Fashion Week. Richie created 13 custom Capsule Chix looks to express her own unique sense of style.
| Credit: Michael Simon/

Here is when Richie does not recommend that parents and kids get creative with fashion: school picture day. “Don’t try anything new,” she says, adding that she kind of regrets letting Harlow make some spontaneous fashion accessory choices that are now forever immortalized in official school shots—like donning glasses she didn’t always wear. Now, Harlow looks back at the pictures and questions the fashion choice. “I was just letting her do her thing!” Richie says. “But now I say, just stick with what you know.”