Nick and Vanessa Lachey: The New Parents Game

We put Nick and Vanessa Lachey to the test to see how well they knew each other's parenting styles, Nick'€™s 98 Degrees band members, and, of course, baby Camden!


[MUSIC] Nick and Vanessa, welcome to our new parents game. We asked each of you three questions to answer in private before you got here. Now let's see if you can correctly guess each other's answers. Whichever one of you is best at reading the other's mind will be our winner. Got it? Ready to play? . Yes. [SOUND] Drew, hands down, I said Uncle Drew. Yeah! I didn't even have to hesitate on that one. That was an easy one. [LAUGH] That was an easy one. [MUSIC] Oh, the first thing we see that's hard because I do all the shopping. Together, together Together we bought him that, you haven't even used it yet. The trike? Probably didn't even think about that wait I haven't seen it yet, do I get a second guess? [LAUGH]. I guess diapers. Crib. Bull crap. What kind of crib does he have? But together, we paid for it together out of our community fund, I don't mean that I we would. I said here's the crib, here's the colors that are going in the room. Do you like it? Yes. It's done. If that means together then you were right. [LAUGH] Oh, me hands down. Me. Well not hands down, it's a close call but I did say you. A close call me. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] We'll just because I always have my phone out. But by the slimmest of margins. Not- And then, and then Nick is. Not a landslide decision. It's not that you don't love taking them and aren't proud of him, it's not that. I'm just obnoxious about showing people photos. I will agree with you there. Probably at inappropriate times. So, I would say me. Alright. Alright. Sop, I. Two of three's not bad. That sounds like two for sure, possibly three. We'll have to see how this goes. I thought the crib, too, cuz I. We'll go two and a half. I was gonna say crib, cuz that's what you would think. But I love you, you just light. I couldn't think of anything. It's because you let me do the room, you know what I mean? That's right. You were like. That's right. [CROSSTALK] [SOUND] But my answer did say, my full answer did say, I think we're both softies, cuz he knows how to play us both, but at the end of the day, I think that I would crave, cuz I feel like you're a little more. I'm proud of you, that you, that you would cop to that I'm willing to lose that one 'cause you actually copped to giving an extra cookie. I could honestly say that I know this one a 100%, because I was there getting him up in the morning and I was having my daddy moment. [MUSIC]. And instead of looking at me and saying, dada, he looks over my shoulder and says dog. Dog. [LAUGH] Dog. And I look around and there's our dog [INAUDIBLE] standing in the door way, so dog was his first word. Cuz we, cuz we were wondering is it gonna mama, is it gonna be dada? Mama? Dada? Mama, he's. [MUSIC] He's like dog! Once again, the dog stole the thunder. [SOUND] You really have to think about this one? No, this is a definite Vanessa, I think I'll be much more like, go get 'em tiger. And I'll be like. And she'll be much more, my little boy's all grown up. [CROSSTALK] What's your social security number? What trades does she get? Uh-huh, that was an easy one. Yeah. [MUSIC] All right, so that means, Vanessa, you answered 2.5 questions correctly. [LAUGH] And Nick, it sounds like you answered, two questions correctly. That means--- I only get, like, a 0.25 for my [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Point, 0.25. All right, 2.25, right? You're so easy. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Thank you guys very much for playing our game it sounds like you're both awesomely compatible parents. [LAUGH] Thank you. Thank's a lot. [MUSIC]

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