The actor documented how his 6-year-olds celebrated the holiday -- and reacted to leprechauns "trashing" their house!

By Maressa Brown
March 19, 2017
Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka kids at circus
Credit: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and their 6-year-old twins Harper and Gideon just proved they are even more #FamilyGoals than we thought. The actor took to Instagram late last week to document their St. Patrick's Day celebration, and you just have to see how flippin' adorable it all turned out.

The NPH-Burtka household has traditionally set "traps" for leprechauns, who will then leave gifts in exchange for their freedom, reports People. This year, however, the twins decided to leave peace offerings for the the mythical, mischevious fairies. Harris documented his kiddos' hard work—which included gathering potatoes, beer, mushrooms, whiskey, beer, and an iPad with a video greeting—on Thursday night.

Here's the ridiculously cute video greeting the kids left for the leprechauns, in which they ask for a boy leprechaun and a girl leprechaun to come and leave them gold coins.

So, how'd it all turn out? NPH shared that the little "rapscallions" actually took off with all of the kids' peace offerings and totally trashed their home. There was toilet paper strewn everywhere, couch cousins toppled, dining room table chairs stacked all over the staircase banister (creative!), the iPad was taped to the chandelier (ah!), and the leprechauns spelled out "Never" in potatoes on the floor, Harris reported on Instagram.

Oh well, better luck with the leprechauns next year, Harris kids! In the meantime, these two are still pretty darn lucky — you know, to have such creative, inventive, entertaining parents.