The actress, who is raising four children, admits she does not have all the answers when it comes to parenting and finds comfort in knowing she's not the only one.

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Actress Katherine Heigl was afraid she was raising a tyrant-of-a-child when her 18-month-old son first hit her. She turned to Google, and while she is still searching for the right answer, what she has found, is peace of mind.

Heigl started typing "How do I get my 18-month-old," and before she could finish, the search engine filled in the rest of her query: "to stop hitting me."

"And I thought, 'Ok, I'm not alone,'" she said. "This is not something that just happens to me…This happens enough that people Google it enough that it just came up for me in my search engine."

Heigl struggles with the hitting, and when her 18-month-old pretends to not understand the word "no," fixing it becomes that much harder. Hitting is a fairly common issue parents of toddlers deal with (find some of our tips here) but the solutions differ from family to family. Though Heigl hasn't yet found an answer that works for her (she's open to suggestions—hit her up!), she takes comfort in her Google search and knowing she is not alone in this experience.

Heigl, 39, recently joined the cast of Suits as Samantha Wheeler, a new partner in the legal drama. She said returning to work gets harder each time, bringing on the expected "mommy guilt," but she found this year's transition to be a relief. As a mother, she second-guesses her choices, wondering if what she is doing is right. But with work, it's different.

"The moment I walked onto set there was this incredible relief that I know what I'm doing," Heigl said. "And if I don't, someone will tell me what to do."

This time, work prompted her family to move to Canada where Suits is filmed. To help her three kids, 9, 6, and 18-months, and niece, 15, adjust to the move, Heigl is mindful of their rooms.

"Once we found a place [to live] my biggest thing was making their rooms feel like a kid's room," she said. "[The condo] was already furnished so it felt very adult, but little transformations helped them feel like they have their own space that mommy intended for them and made special for them."

To see pics of the adorable room transformations, Heigl's latest knitting projects, and her favorite mommy picks, check out her lifestyle blog, Those Heavenly Days. It is an honest and intimate look at Heigl's motherhood journey that will have you saying, "I'm not alone either."

Editorial Intern Rebecca Rakowitz is waiting for the day when she is as photogenic as Heigl's kids.