Ahead of new episodes airing on April 2, Mike and Maryse Mizanin dish on raising their daughter Monroe Sky, handling parent-shamers, and prepping for baby #2.

By Kaitlin Ahern
April 01, 2019

At the end of the last episode of "Miz & Mrs," the reality show on USA starring WWE Superstars Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and his wife and manager, Maryse, we saw the couple sitting in their living room mooning over newborn daughter Monroe Sky.

"She looks just like you," Maryse said to her husband.

As if in reply, Monroe let one loose on her dad's arm.

"Yeah, she's definitely my daughter," The Miz said proudly.

In the first season of the new show on USA Network, fans got a look behind the scenes with the larger-than-life couple as they juggled pregnancy and the birth of their first child with their high-octane WWE careers and a cross-country move from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas.

Now a year into their parenting journey—Monroe turned 1 on March 27—the Mizanins are expecting their second child in September. As "Miz & Mrs" returns for another round on April 2, we caught up with the couple to see what parenthood has taught them so far.

1. Parenting is tougher than a title match.

"When they say being a parent is the hardest thing you'll ever do, nothing truer has ever been said," says The Miz, an eight-time WWE Intercontinental Championship winner. "It's a full-time job."

Not surprisingly, he says the biggest challenge so far has been the total lack of shut-eye. "You get no sleep in the beginning. Zero," he says. "But it's also the most rewarding thing in the world."

2. Not even SummerSlam trumps nap time.

The couple travels often for their careers, and Monroe sometimes tags along—she even attended SummerSlam in New York City last year, at just 5 months old. But even when they're on-the-go, the Mizanins try to provide as much structure for her as possible, especially when it comes to sleep.

"I try to get her two naps a day, and I adjust my own schedule around that as much as possible," says Maryse. "And no matter where we are, her bedtime is 7:30."

3. You have to tune out the smack talk on social media…

As WWE superstars who have been in the spotlight for more than a decade and sometimes play the "bad guy" in matches, The Miz and Maryse are no strangers to negativity on social media. And as new parents, they've already experienced their fair share of judgmental comments when it comes to their parenting style. But they've learned to rise above the melee and keep it positive.

"If there's one thing I don't care about, it's what people say on the internet," Maryse says. "I've seen every bad or mean comment related to what I do for a living, and I'm used to it. You know these people would never say these things to your face, so it's like it's not even real."

4. …and trust you're doing the best you can for your child.

One question the couple has had to field a lot is why they decided to create a public Instagram page for their daughter. But the answer is simple: "We have fun with it," The Miz says.

"No one has the 'right way' to raise a child," he adds. "But we look at it this way: Monroe has the love and support to succeed in anything she wants to do. That's the most important thing we can give her. So we're going to ignore any negative opinions."

5. Leaving your baby to go back to work is really hard—no matter how fun your job is.

Four months after giving birth to Monroe via C-section, Maryse was back in the ring. Truth be told, she says, she didn't plan to jump back into her career so quickly, and she struggled both with getting back into fighting shape and being away from Monroe.

"But it also made me feel good to get back in the mix," she says. "Even though it was difficult physically and mentally, it was also fun to get back to doing the things I did before pregnancy, like working out."

When The Miz is traveling for gigs, he stays connected with Maryse and Monroe via FaceTime.

"It's my savior," he says. "I don't want to miss the important things, I want to be there with my family. But in order to support them, I have to work, so it's about finding that balance. It's definitely tough, but once you find the groove, it's all worth it. And it makes you cherish the moments you have together that much more."

6. Sometimes you'll wrestle with what's best for your family.

Last year, just 17 days after Monroe was born, the Mizanins moved from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, thinking they would settle into a quieter, more family-friendly lifestyle. But things didn't quite work out the way they planned.

"We kept thinking we would get used to it, but after a year, we weren't getting used to it," The Miz says. "Austin is amazing—it's clean and beautiful with great schools—but it's just not us."

So, the soon-to-be family of four plans to move back to Los Angeles in the next few months. "We want Monroe and the new baby to grow up knowing our family and friends," Maryse says. "Plus, we travel all over the world for work and want to come back to a place that feels like home—and for us, because of the people, that's LA."

7. The manager is always right.

When Maryse was pregnant with Monroe, the couple disagreed on whether to do a gender reveal. The Miz says he wanted to keep the baby's sex a surprise—but Maryse couldn't wait.

"My wife does not like surprises at all," says The Miz. "She wanted to find out, so we did."

Dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming, the Mizanins hosted a Halloween-themed gender reveal party at their home, where they cut into a three-tiered cake that revealed a pink center.

The couple says they'll do something similar for baby #2 in the next few months. "The gender doesn't matter to us, but we'd like to have a boy in the family," Maryse says. "We don't know how many kids we want, but I think we'll keep trying until we have a boy."


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