Comedian Will Farrell continues his run of playing oddball characters this month when he stars as a not-so-evil genius in Megamind (rated PG). Here's what the actor and father of three (Magnus, 6, Mattias, 3, and Axel, almost 1) had to say.

Will Ferrell
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What was going through your mind when you were asked to play a blue alien super-villain with an abnormally large head?

I just thought -- from the moment they showed me the artwork for it -- that this kind of semi-menacing character [was] really just a sweetheart who was totally misunderstood and ends up a good guy. And I thought that was a unique take on the good-versus-evil struggle.

If you were a real superhero what would your name and power be?

Probably Vegetable Man. Because a lot of people don't like vegetables, but I would triumph over the ostracization and hatred of vegetables to show how good they are for you. And my special power would be...I'd be able to puree any sort of vegetables just by looking at them.

Are your sons into superheroes?

They are fully into superheroes. They pretty much look at comic books every day. I just [saw] a rough cut of the movie of the things I came away with was that my 6-year-old and, I think, my 3-year-old are going to love this movie. They're not going to believe I did the voice of this character.


You worked with tween sensation Justin Bieber on your online Funny or Die video series. Did you get to meet him?

I met Justin actually at the U.S. Open -- believe it or not -- last summer. They have what's called Kids' Day. Justin was the musical act. And I'm still trying to grow my hair out like him. It's tough because I have really curly hair so I'm trying to flat-iron it and get that hairdo.

Your film roles always make us laugh. Are your kids funny too?

Boy, they make me laugh probably every single day just with the way they look at the world. As everyone who has kids knows, [children have] a completely unique outlook about the world, and the stuff they come up with every day makes me laugh.

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Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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