What's Up Moms Confess: Why I Love Your Kid's Meltdown

Your kid throwing a tantrum it public is pretty much the worst, but when it happens to another parent? The What's Up Moms and friends dish this sitch in a new episode of "Moms Confess," which debuts every Tuesday exclusively on Parents.com.


Why I love your kid's meltdowns. [LAUGH] Yes. I think we're all like so glad that's not my kid. Relieved. My husband and I are like Yes like that kid did you see that kid melt down. We're not the only ones. Thank God it's not my kid. But I actually feel really bad for them. You just have to know that no one can want that baby to stop crying more than the parent. Also it's fascinating, have you watched toddlers watch other toddlers melt down? It's a foreign thing to him. I"m, dude, you were just doing this 20 minutes ago. How do you feel when your kid has a tantrum? Everyone's, who's child is this? And I'm, I don't know. [LAUGH] I feel like every parent's secretly judging you and watching you. There's always that need to say an excuse right away. He skipped his nap today. she is Teething. I mean it's always teething isn't it? You always go they're teething, they're teething. There are no teeth coming in but they are coming. When another mom apologizes for their kids behavior I'm like no I love you. I always Get the text after, right? The text from the mom apologizing? I wanna be like, please, come back any time. You just wanna give the mom a giant hug, and I feel like an emoji hug is the best way to do it. Thank you for bringing the kid that's worse than mine. [LAUGH] That is so good.

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