What's Up Moms Confess: Ways to Shorten Bedtime

Kids have a million excuses to stay up past their bedtime. Here, the What's Up Moms and friends get real about the many techniques they've used to shorten the bedtime routine.


For some reason, that time can go on and on. Yeah, it goes on forever. [MUSIC] What is the longest part of bedtime in your household? The bath time. They never what to get in, and then they never, never wanna get out, the water's too hot, the water's too cold. Trying to pin down moist,slippery, naked son of the bath time. That's definitely the bit that takes the longest. I'm guilty of not brushing his teeth sometimes. Teeth brushing for us means sucking with toothpaste off the brush, and then just throwing the brush at my face. The longest part of bedtime at my house is the stalling. Once I get my kids in bed, I always think, that's it. And it's never it. You're almost to the door, and they're like, mom! Mama, water, mama, potty. He wants ten stories or he wants ten songs. The worst is, I'm hungry. Even if I know they just ate 30 minutes ago, the mom in me cannot let my kids go to bed hungry. Any tricks to shorten bedtime? Hiding the really long books up in top shelf. One story I will never read again? Green Eggs and Ham. I do not like them in a box, I do not like them with the fox. We get it, you do not like green eggs and ham. [LAUGH] I'm not tough on a lot of things, I'm tough on bedtime. By the end of the day, it's like, I wanna get on the couch to watch my shows, so I'm like, you're on a clock. Kid. Putting three kids to bed, it's quite possibly the hardest thing I've ever had to do. And I have to do this for years. [LAUGH] It's never gonna stop. [LAUGH] But it's also really sweet, and I will miss it, but every day. [SOUND]

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