What's Up Moms Confess: Ways to Get Out of School Commitments

The What's Up Moms and friends have your back when it comes to thinking up the best excuses to get out of school commitments. Catch a new episode on "Moms Confess" every Tuesday exclusively on Parents.com.


Let's talk about school commitments. Ugh. [MUSIC] Have you ever signed up for anything you've later regretted. Too many people from my preschool watching this video [LAUGH]. I love every Every minute of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I never bring anything, cuz I'm so cramped. [LAUGH] Like, it depends what it is. They've asked me to volunteer for stuff. I look like I have time on my hands? I think because I show up In my work out clothes. What are your tactics for saying no to school commitments. You have to say no right away. Delay. Super booked up right now, but ask me next year. Next year for sure, I am in. I definitely try to pawn it off on my husband. I've had your cupcakes before, I think you are the perfect person to chair the bake sale. Just say you're pregnant. Worry about it later [LAUGH] if you're not pregnant. I really feel like it would be a good opportunity for you to get to know the other moms. The worst excuse I ever made to get out of a school committment was that my daughter was sick. But I had just let her go to school. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Have you ever been room mom, or any interest in being room mom? Yeah, I've been room mom. I would never do that to myself. I have no idea what a room mom is. A room mom is someone who organizes Organizes all the activities. They usually have more energy than a child on Adderall. When I'm room mom in snack week, that's my favorite. I get to drive to school four times in one day, preparing two different snacks for twenty-one children. But it also is really rewarding to me to get to spend so much time at the grocery store. I mean, I think I went to Trader Joe's eleven times in one week. I would say, can I pay someone else to do it? Yeah [LAUGH] [LAUGH] At the end of the day, I'm very thankful for the real moms. We love you. We just don't wanna be you. [SOUND]

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