Moms Confess: The One Thing I Can't Leave Home Without

The What's Up Moms reveal the essential things they can't leave home without. Cheddar bunnies, anyone?


I mean I've gotten a mile from the house and I'm like I have to turn around. [MUSIC] What's the one thing you can't leave home without? The binky, it's not a good situation if we forget the binky. Could I bring a bottle of wine? Always have iced coffee. Never get to drink it. Cheddar bunnies. The orange cheddar bunnies not the white cheddar bunnies. There is something about the car seat that makes them hungry. There are like crushed crackers all over my car now. There's spilled milk. My favorite thing, on the ceiling of the car is yogurt. My son went to open one of the yogurt and it exploded all over the place. You can't get that stuff out. I would probably thank my cell phone, because it's basically like my husband. Perfect example, I was at a festival this weekend and I left my cell phone in the car and it was horrible. My child has never smiled so much and done so many cute things as he did in those three hours. I didn't have my cellphone. We left the house for the park and I had forgotten ugh I can't believe it cheddar bunnies. And I see a mom opening a snack bag and I ran faster than flo-jo across that park. I see that you have cheddar bunnies. Any possibility that I can score some? It was like a drug deal at the park only it involved cheddar bunnies. wipes and a lot of perspiration on my part. I take this enormous doggie bag with me with two different types of diapers, two different diaper changing mats, books in the shape of cars, I've got cars in the shape of books, and I'll be out and he'll be going Aqua, aqua. And I would be like, I have no water for my child. But you know, hey, if you want a book the shape of a taxi which actually has wheels you can turn, you're fine with that. [SOUND]

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