The low career moment for the New England Patriots quarterback quickly became a proud parenting triumph for the father of three. 

By Lauren Pardee
March 12, 2018

An estimated 103.4 million people watched as the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles this year—a heartbreaking defeat star quarterback Tom Brady is using as a valuable lesson for his three kids Thomas, Benjamin, and Vivian.

Although Brady’s performance in Super Bowl LII was record-breaking with 505 passing yards—proving the 40-year-old has plenty to be proud of—he reflects on that loss as an incredible parenting moment during episode six of his Facebook Watch series Tom vs. Time.

“That was the first time that I had seen my kids really react in that way. You know, Benny was crying, Vivi was crying, and they were sad for me and sad for the Patriots,” said Brady.  “But I just said to them, ‘Look, you guys, this is a great lesson. We don’t always win. We try our best and sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want.'"

Brady uses the opportunity to acknowledge how proud he is of his team for overcoming adversities throughout the season—but he circles back to that moment being pivotal to his role as a father.

“That’s probably one of the best moments I have had as a parent because you really feel like you are parenting, you know? It speaks to growing up, but you wake up the next day and your life moves on.”

When your dad is Tom Brady, witnessing a high-pressure loss isn’t always a familiar experience. We can only imagine Thomas, Benjamin, and Vivian see their father as a superhero—too young to fully grasp the gravity in which being an iconic NFL star encompasses. Learning to work your hardest and accept shortcomings with grace is an important takeaway that translates to all aspects of life. Love him or hate him, we give Brady credit for capitalizing on his failure in order to help his kids grow.


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