The twins share the joys and challenges of embracing their roles as mothers.

Tia and Tamera Mowry
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Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley are all grown up. The adorable teenage girls we grew to love on the hit series Sister, Sister now star on Tia & Tamera, a reality TV show about how the twins balance acting careers with marriage and motherhood. They have acted on TV movies together (recently in Double Wedding) and on separate TV shows (Tia in The Game and Girlfriends and Tamera in Roommates and Strong Medicine). Both actresses have also given birth, one year apart -- Tia to Cree Taylor Hardrict in June 2011 and Tamera to Aden John Tanner Housley in November 2012. They recently launched a website,, an online community that focuses on family, health, home, fashion, and more.

Tamera, you're a new mom. Congratulations! Who has been your go-to person for advice?

Becoming a mom has really thrown me for a loop. I figured I had this job in the bag because I took care of my brother and my nephew. No way!

There are three people I turn to. I turn to my mom to make sure things are normal. For instance, I wasn't prepared for the baby acne thing. My mom told me this was typical. Who knew? I turn to my sister to see if my nephew, Cree, went through the same things Aden is going through. I also turn to her to find out what to expect, since her son is a bit older than mine. I also have a friend who is a night nurse and a doula. She's great with putting babies on a regular schedule and getting them to follow a sleep pattern.

What is motherhood like for each of you?

Tia: It is the most amazing experience I have ever had. It is a blessing and a miracle to have a child. However, it is the hardest thing I have ever done. I'm now in charge of this little person. I have this huge responsibility to nurture, to take care of, and to teach. Everything I do, I give 110%.

Tamera: For me, it is the most challenging and beautiful reward I have ever been given.

What books or tools have you read or used to help guide you?

Tia: I read a lot of books when I was pregnant because I wanted to know what was happening to my body. Now that I'm a mom, I constantly surf the Internet. I'm a big fan of and because they allow me to read about different experiences from lots of moms. I find these sites so helpful in my own journey of motherhood.

Tamera: I have this amazing app on my phone called Baby Connect. It really helps me keep track of Aden's moods, feeding, and diaper schedule.

Speaking of advice, you guys are launching a new website, which will be full of useful information for moms. Tell us more about it.

Tia: It's a place for women to learn about other women's motherhood experiences, to be the best moms they can be. We want this to be an outlet for moms to share their thoughts and get educated on topics they want to learn more about. We will also talk about style, workout trends to get your body back into shape, healthy recipes, sisterhood, and family relationships.

Tamera: There's also a section on how to plan a great family outing or how to find a child-friendly restaurant. It's a place for moms to connect. I hope women can learn something new every day.

What has been the best bonding activity for you and your son?

Tia: Breastfeeding. When I nursed Cree, it was the best feeling ever. Those moments brought us closer together and brought me so much happiness. I also like to snuggle next to Cree when he sleeps. I love being close to him because I know these moments will not last forever.

Tamera: Nursing. I absolutely love it. At first it was challenging because we both needed to learn the routine and how to do it. These moments have been so special because Aden and I learned how to do it together as a team.

What classes have you taken with your boys that have been beneficial for their development?

Tia: I just finished a class at Pint Sized Kids. I think it's important to teach your child how to socialize at an early age. I also think classes promote education, which is great for a young mind. We recently did a sign language class together. Although Cree can't verbally express everything he wants, he did learn how to communicate through the use of his hands. He also loves music and swimming classes.

Tamera: We just signed up for a Mommy & Me class at a place called Pump Station. We're also getting Aden involved in a playgroup because it's important to lay the groundwork now to build up his socialization skills.

You've both been quoted as saying being a parent is teamwork. How do you and your husband divide the chores of tending to your little one?

Tia: We talk openly about who is doing what and then make a schedule. For instance, if I cook dinner, my husband will clean up. We also take turns by creating a rotation process, like who gets up in the middle of the night if Cree wakes up and can't fall back asleep.

Tamera: I get my husband, Adam, very involved so he doesn't feel left out. For example, Adam has his Daddy-and-me time, which consists of Adam bathing Aden every night while I pump milk into a bottle. Adam then feeds him before bed.

What's the biggest misconception about parenthood?

Tia: People always say it's just so wonderful and so amazing. It is, but I find most people tend to leave out how hard it can be and how you'll have moments where you cry. I just wish people were more honest about those feelings so when you do experience them, you don't feel guilty about it. Not every moment is all smiles and giggles. Parenting definitely has some challenging moments.

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