Jason Biggs is one of the "dads out there killin' it" and shares his deepest, darkest parenting truths.

By Kelly Corbett
May 08, 2019

In the first American Pie movie, Jason Biggs played Jim Levenstein, your typical high schooler desperately trying to see some lady skin and lose his virginity before graduation. As I like to call it, he was your average bro, very much dude character who basically defined 'Merica with his pals and their epic pranks. Now he is a father to Sid, 5, and Lazlo, 1—which confirms that not only has he gotten laid on-screen (proud of you), but IRL. 

We met with Jason to discuss his life as a dad and play a game of Parenting Truths. The actor arrived in style wearing a navy pants suit and a t-shirt which read “dads out there killin’ it.” The shirt was from his wife, Jenny Mollen—check out her parenting column here.

We showed Jason a video of Jenny's Parenting Truths. He watched about two minutes of the clip, laughed, jokingly and lovingly called her a bitch, and then was pumped to start his own game. Here are 9 things we learned about Jason Biggs as a dad.

1. He’s watched parts of American Pie with his kids.

*Gasps.* Okay, not all of it, but some of it. “I have never watched American Pie in its entirety with my kids,” he says, but admits to flipping through the channels, and having to stop after Daddy was seen on the screen. Lucky for Jason, it was a fairly innocent scene and his son was spared, although Jason did have to change the channel shortly afterwards, because you know—boobs and things. According to Jason, this interview, that he's presently doing right now, is the only G-rated thing he's ever done.

2. His celebrity dad crush is Dax Shepard.

It's no surprise that Jason would be swooning over Dax. Let's be real—both these dads know how to get some laughs. “I think Dax is good, he doesn’t talk too much about dad stuff, but when he does I’m like okay now I have a little crush on him,” he says. Aww, we ship you two! 

3. No, he does not actually serve those lunches on his Instagram to his kids.

"I do a real lunch in addition to the Instagram one. Otherwise, the kids would not eat for the day," he jokes. Jason explains that compared to his wife, whose *dictator* lunches can be seen here, he's no top chef. The actual lunches he prepares are only *slightly* better than fake ones he posts.


4. He says he’s the stricter parent when it comes to parenting.

When it comes to food, Jason admits that Jenny lays down the law. When it comes to everything else, Jason is the disciplinarian. "Jenny is a non-conformist. She thinks rules are made to be broken," he says, believing that if it was between the two of them, Jenny is much more likely to let Sid get away with something than he is. "She might tell you otherwise, but I think that’s the truth."

5. His favorite candy is Skittles.

“Daddy has a sweet tooth,” and you bet he has a secret stash of snacks and sweets hidden in the house, or as he calls it: “contraband." It’s mostly composed of Skittles, which The Biggs is very big on. Don't tell Jenny, but he sneaks his kids some treats when she isn’t looking. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us Jason... on the World Wide Web.

6. He loves Tommee Tippee cups.

Jason is a busy man and doesn't have time to be cleaning up Lazlo's juice spills. His fave dad product is Tommee Tippee's No Knock Cup, which is the first toddler proof cup that literally *won't* knock over, no matter how rowdy your kid can get. In fact, Jason spends a lot of time trying to defy the system, attempting to knock it over, but he just can't. This cup is impossible to tip!

7. He blames things on his kids so he won’t get in trouble with Jenny.

While he admits he's usually honest with the kids, it's a different story with his wife. "To Jenny, I lie all the time. In fact, I blame the kids for most things when it comes to Jenny," he says. Sometimes things like "I don't know, I think Sid left the door open. It's okay, I'll get it," will come out of Jason's mouth. Guess it really does be like that sometimes!



8. He might have taught his son the F word.

Jason admits that him and his wife have accidentally let the F word slip in front of their sons. One time when he stubbed his toe, Jason recalls saying “Ahh, Fff” but stopping himself, only to be surprised when Sid finished the word. (Kudos to Sid for using context clues and figuring out what Jason was trying to say!). And yes, you bet Sid picked this word up from mom and dad. Now, the 5-year-old will use the word himself in times of distress. Whenever he drops it, Jason and Jenny have been silent, hoping that if they don't say anything about it, Sid will soon forget the word... until, well, Jason accidentally says it again.

9. He has late night dance parties with his kids.

“We go kind of bananas in the room and it’s really fun." This party usually consists of Sid, Jason, Lazlo and sometimes Jenny. Sid actually has a playlist, Jason admits, and he usually adds music to it from movies that the father and son go see together. Jason says he loves going to the movies with his son because "it keeps them quiet for two hours," and TBH, preach it Jason.