We didn't think it was possible to love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson anymore. Then he had a baby girl. Here are all the reasons he's crushing fatherhood.


To know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is to love him. The wrestler-turned-actor's career is on fire right now (he's currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood), but the most important role he plays is being a father to daughters Simone, 15, and Jasmine, 1. From changing diapers in seriously inconvenient spaces to singing the sweetest lullaby to his girls, the Baywatch star is seriously crushing parenting right now. And we're loving every minute of it.

1. His priorities are on point.

He may be one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, but The Rock knows what's most important in life. In a 2015 episode of Oprah's Master Class, he said, "I always wanted to be a great dad. I always wanted to give Simone things that I felt I never got. [When she was born], I said to her, 'I will always, always take care of you, for the rest of your life. You are safe.'" Heart. Melt.

2. He believes in the power of skin-to-skin.

Like many parents, The Rock believes in the profound power of post-birth skin-to-skin contact. After his daughter Jasmine was born in 2015, he shared a beautiful photo of his baby girl on Instagram, along with a seriously touching caption. "Kinda crazy but in this cool and powerful skin to skin bonding moment with my newborn baby Jasmine, I had just one wish I asked the universe," he wrote. "Give me the strength to be a better man today than I was yesterday. If I can accomplish that, then I'd have a good shot at being a great father. To all you young men out there who will be fathers one day, the goal of 'being better' will never steer you wrong."

3. He's not afraid of being pooped on.

Just because he's rich and famous doesn't mean he's exempt from poop. In a sweet Labor Day post, Johnson explained how he attempted to get real with his toddler daughter about the meaning behind the holiday and the importance of an honest day's work. Her response? To bang on her dad's head and poop on him. Ah, living that parent life.

4. He's the voice of Maui in Moana.

If that doesn't rack you up cool points as the parent of young kids, we're not sure what does.

5. He knows exactly how to ease Santa fears.

Like most toddlers, The Rock's daughter Jasmine wasn't a fan of Santa Claus this past Christmas. When she went to have her picture taken with him, she did what kids all over the world do — bawled. So! In an effort to make things up to her, Johnson dressed up like the Pokémon's Pikachu. And yes, that instantly turned Jasmine's frown upside down. Clever papa!

6. He's a feminist.

He's the ultimate role model—for girls. For International Women's Day, Johnson posted an adorable collage of all the powerful women in his life—his mother, his wife, and his two daughters—and paid homage to them in his caption, saying, "I come from a family of beautiful, strong, diverse, and intelligent women. They inspire and challenge me daily to become a better man, father, and role model. My love and respect for them is boundless."

A month later, he posted a photo of his daughter Jasmine to Instagram saying that he hopes she's "looking people in the eye while she firmly shakes their hand" at age 5. Clearly he knows that it's never too early to instill confidence and empowerment.

7. He has the sweetest lullaby for his daughters.

[iframe src='//players.brightcove.net/416418724/default_default/index.html?videoId=5211418249001' allowfullscreen frameborder=0][/iframe]

Last year, when Johnson was named People's Sexiest Man Alive, he revealed the sweet lullaby he sings to his daughter Jasmine (and that it's the same tune he used to sing to Simone). And, in true Rock fashion, he belted it out. And here we were, thinking "You're Welcome" was catchy!

8. He's got serious daddy-daughter date night skills.

This year, Johnson brought his eldest daughter Simone as his date to the 2017 People's Choice Awards. He also brought her to the MTV Movie Awards in 2016. And the Golden Globes in 2016. Definitely beats dinner and a movie.

9. He's the ultimate multitasker.

As anyone with kids can attest to, the ability to multitask is crucial when you're a parent—and clearly The Rock has this ability. On Valentine's Day of last year, he posted the cutest video of himself feeding his then-2-month-old daughter... as well as his dog. "'Cause y'know daddy feeds everyone on Valentine's Day," he hilariously said.

10. He's not afraid to embarrass his kids.

Hey, what's the fun in being a parent if you can't get a little embarrassing at times? Right, Simone?

11. He's a bath-time boss.

Who loves bath time? Dwayne Johnson, that's who. In 2016, the doting dad told People that bath time is his thing, and that he "owns" being a father. "It's my job, and I love filling up the baby tub and I get [Jasmine's] toys, making everything right," he said, adding, "And then I say my thing, 'All right, Daddy's ready!' And in she comes, and she's kicking and she's so happy. I own being the daddy. I love it."

12. He's the #1 man when it comes to #2.

Need we say more?