11 Reasons Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Twitter Feed Is Parenting Gold

The mind behind Broadway’s Hamilton and the catchy tunes in Disney’s Moana is also dad to a toddler, and his Twitter feed is must-follow for any parent.

7 Reasons We Love Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Parenting Tweets

As if bringing the world In the Heights and mega-hit Hamilton wasn’t enough, Lin-Manuel Miranda is also responsible for the songs “How Far I'll Go” and “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana, which we seriously can’t stop singing. The actor, playwright, and composer is also dad to 2-year-old son Sebastian with wife Vanessa Nadal, and his Twitter offers an inside glimpse at his parenting style, which is full of love and humor. Check it out:  

1. He has a sense of humor about the “joys” of parenting.

2. There are deep thoughts on being a parent.

3. And some parenting humble-brags.

4. He gets helpful parenting advice from other celebs.

5. He reveals the secret to writing those catchy Moana songs.

6. He is every sleep-deprived parent.

7. But he’s not afraid to post an early morning selfie.

8. Playtime is (relatable) chaos at Casa Miranda.

9. He shares his son’s brilliant insights and sage wisdom.

10. He sees life through his son’s eyes.


11. Puppies and babies—need we say more?