Josh Gad Says His Kids Brag That Their Dad Is 'Frozen's' Olaf to Impress Their Friends

The Disney dad spends much of his time IRL entertaining a pair of young sisters (sound familiar?): his daughters, Ava, 10, and Isabella, 6.

Josh Gad
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We know you know the voice of Josh Gad from many watches of Frozen and Frozen II but the voice of Olaf is also a dad of two daughters, which means he has his own family film choices to make. Gad is raising Ava, 10, and Isabella, 6, to be strong sisters just like the famous duo of Elsa and Anna. You can queue up Gad's enchanting performance of the new Audible Original title Night Magick, about a boy magician. Here, Gad shares some wizardry of the dad-joke variety.

Winter tradition I do with my kids:

I love putting up the Christmas tree and lighting the house and getting my kids on the ski slopes.

Winter tradition I skip:

I am happy to save the world the horror of seeing me attempt to ski.

Recent parenting win:

Got my kids to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy…

Recent parenting fail:

…which led to The Lord of the Rings–themed nightmares.

My parenting superpower:

Making my kids laugh

My parenting kryptonite:

Seeing my kids cry

Best time of day:

Reading to them at bedtime

Worst time of day:

Being woken up from a deep sleep at 6 A.M.

Best trait a kid got from me:

My singing

Unfortunate trait a kid got from me:

Also my singing

Meal I make that the fam loves:

Killer breakfasts like omelets, chocolate-chip pancakes, and waffles shaped like many a famous fictional character

Meal I tried that the fam rejected:

Anything other than breakfast

I feel like a cool dad when:

My kids use the fact that I'm Olaf to impress their friends.

I feel like an uncool dad when:

My kids do not disclose that I'm Olaf because they want to stay cool.

Activity I love to do with them:

Building LEGO structures

Activity I hate to do with them:

Math homework

At least I have this down:

Keeping my kids healthy and safe

I am still figuring out this:

Getting my kids to do what I need them to do without bribing them

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