The mother of three gets real about the joys and challenges of parenting a big family. 


Mom-of-three Hilaria Baldwin, expecting her fourth, is an author, yoga teacher, and moderator of the 300K-strong community that’s sprung up in her Insta-feed.

“I recently posted about a moment of semi-sadness I had that Leo won’t be my youngest anymore,” Baldwin says. “I feel that way each time Alec and I have a new baby! Then a follower wrote, ‘Not only will your love multiply, but with each sibling, you teach your kids that their heart can grow.’ I’m blown away by supportive comments like that. Then I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ll have twenty kids!’ But not really!”

She cops to some nerves just about becoming a mom of four. “Carmen did everything with us. Then when Rafael was born, things got complicated,” Baldwin says. “And when Leonardo was born, I had a moment of ‘What have I done?’ panic! There were tears. But then I kind of lived it, and it all came together.”

Hilaria Baldwin And Children
Credit: Melanie Acevedo

“I’m not saying I won’t have another meltdown when this new baby is born!” Baldwin says. “But with a fourth pregnancy, you see the light at the end of the tunnel earlier. There’s calmness and comfort from experience.”

Meanwhile her three kiddos—Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 1—are “three irrational little monkeys who try to crawl all over me and don’t understand that I’m very pregnant,” Baldwin says. “When you go to a job, your coworkers are not like, ‘Can you lift me please? And make me lunch?’ So I am in awe of stay-at-home parents.”

Hilaria Baldwin Blue Dress
Credit: Melanie Acevedo

The Baldwins do have help in the form of sitters and close friends, Baldwin says, so she can teach yoga, write, or do work like her campaign for Estee Lauder. “But that’s for small pockets of the day. Most of the time I’m with my children, and if they want something, I’m the alpha parent. Alec is very involved, but if they ask him for a treat, he’s like, ‘Go ask your mother!’”

As for the kiddos, says Baldwin, “Carmen is the quintessential girl. Everything is Barbies and dresses and she loves babies. Rafael is the opposite. When he found cars and balls and things that smash, he was like, ‘This is what life is all about!’ And Leonardo is obsessed with his older brother. So Leo wants Rafa. Rafa thinks that’s annoying. And Carmen wants Leo, but Leo couldn’t care less!”

Carmen is on eager watch for this new baby brother. “She’s already planning the one after this, which I’m not sure is ever gonna happen,” Baldwin says. “But we’re really excited. Alec and I don’t want to do much else other than be with the kids right now, because they’re so fun.”