The singer made the tongue-in-cheek remark alongside an adorable video of Carey Hart and their 1-year-old son, Jameson.

By Maressa Brown

Not only is Pink one outspoken, strong, badass mom, but she has a fantastic sense of humor. For evidence, look no further than one of her recent social media posts. The singer took to Instagram to share an adorable new video of her husband Carey Hart playing with their 1-year-old son Jameson.

"At least one kid is having fun while the other one spreads disease," she wrote alongside the clip, in which you can hear the couple's 6-year-old daughter Willow coughing. "And don't worry — Mrs. safety/fun police is making sure everyone has their seat belt on while documenting history. Happy friggin 2018. I hope one of @hartluck's resolutions is to photograph his wife more. Just so people know I exist. Carry on."

Yes, because of course the mom of two is rarely in the spotlight! Ha!

Gotta love Pink's ability to laugh at herself -- and pay tribute to her husband with this heartwarming clip. But it's also a nod to an important topic that moms bring up time and again -- that they or their partners often forget, or in some cases, they themselves feel self-conscious, when it comes to taking photos with their kids. And yet, they want to make sure that have those memories preserved some day.

Several Instagram commenters voiced this concern. One wrote, "You're gorgeous Pink & all us Moms are doing the camera!" while another shared, "Awww! Such a cute daddy/son moment - and gosh so many mums can relate to the fact husbands don't think about photographing them! Myself included, and I'm a photographer! ? which I guess makes it worse! We need to be in the photos so our kids don't wonder why we were never there! #existinphotos."

Clearly, it's a point well-made, and one that's all too relatable for so many moms. Like we needed even more reason to adore Pink!



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