The proud pop made a handmade sign that he held on the sidelines as his daughter won the gold medal.

By Maressa Brown

Chloe Kim of Team USA is being showered with accolades after winning the gold medal in the women's snowboard halfpipe final on Monday, February 12. But her father Jong Jin Kim is winning hearts, too. As his daughter medaled in the Olympic sport, the proud dad stood on the sidelines with a handmade, laminated sign that read, "Go Chloe!" with a heart.

Jong Jin, who immigrated to California from South Korea in 1982, worked minimum-wage jobs to save money for college, and later settled in Torrance where he attended college and worked as a machinery operator. Eventually, he quit his job to support his daughter's snowboarding career, The New York Times reports.

“We — an immigrant like me —we always say, ‘the American dream,’ ” said on The TODAY Show, going on to call Chloe his personal "American dream." So sweet!

Judging from adorable shots posted to Chloe's social media, the dad-daughter duo appear super-close.

So, it's no wonder that he was 150% there for his baby girl yesterday, pulling what Sports Illustrated "Extra Mustard" called the "ultimate dad move."

Like most parents, Jong Jin was on pin and needles watching his child compete. “I was very stressed because everyone was saying Chloe was going to win gold, but no one knows the result — that I cannot control,” he told CNN Sport. “Now I’m happy, all the stress is gone. I’m the dad of an Olympic gold medalist, not many people have this kind of feeling.”

This is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime moment for the Kim family. And, as many Olympic enthusiasts are pointing out, the fact that Jong Jin got to see his daughter achieve her dream in the country of his birth is nothing short of awe-inspiring.



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