Olivia Wilde Doesn't Want To Take Pictures Of Her Kids When She's With Them—And We Totally Understand Why

The actress, director, activist, and mother of two is always on the go, so when she is with her kids, Daisy, 1, and Otis, 4, she makes sure to focus on them and not her camera. 

Olivia Wilde Pink Dress Sitting Holding Dunkin Donuts Mug In New York
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When actress Olivia Wilde joined Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee at Home at Madison Square Park in New York City for her latest campaign supporting sustainable energy, she showed the Parents.com team around The Home That Runs on Dunkin’. Much like the busy 34-year-old mom of two, the tiny chic home is powered by coffee (the house is actually powered by 80% coffee oil and 20% alcohol to make the fuel burn efficiently). For Wilde, coffee is ”the first thing I think about in the morning,” and with a schedule like hers, that's not too surprising.

Wilde arrived in NYC after spending the weekend in Paris with husband, Jason Sudeikis, apart from the kids. Time away from her children Otis, 4, and Daisy, 1, is a reality she has to deal with frequently. Yet she has taught herself a good strategy to maximize her time that we could all learn from: put the phone down.

"I have a strict no-technology policy when I’m around my kids, I just want to be fully with them," she said. The hardest part of sticking to this strategy is that she doesn't get to take any pictures of her kids. "I always want to take pictures of them, but now when they see the phone they’re like ‘I wanna watch Elmo,’ and I’m like no I’m just trying to document you. But now I don’t even do that because I want to be with them completely.”

Wilde explained how she used to get weighed down with mom guilt, thinking too much about the things she couldn’t give her kids when with them, or how she would have to leave them. She could never let herself just enjoy the present moment. She's since learned that it's the quality of the time spent together, not the quantity, that is truly important to children.

“If you’re a working mom and you only get two hours a day with them, as long as those two hours are really pure and focused, those are valuable hours and it’s better than spending six hours of really distracted time.”

When it comes spending quality time together, Wilde's family sure knows how to create lasting memories. For Daisy's upcoming second birthday, Wilde explained that she’ll be throwing a Pony and Unicorn-themed party. Daisy loves horses and the theme is close to the heart for Olivia, who grew up riding herself. This isn’t the first time Wilde has celebrated her child’s birthday in an elaborate way. Otis’ third birthday was Chance The Rapper-themed, and the rapper sent Wilde and Sudeikis his iconic “3” hats to give out at the party. The year before, the couple threw Otis a Beyoncé-themed birthday. While Wilde may not have reached for the camera herself, I hope one of their guests snapped a pic of the happy family celebrating together.

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