Mario Lopez's Number One House Rule Is No Electronics at the Dinner Table

The TV personality doesn't let his busy schedule get in the way of family bonding time, and to him, that means sitting down for dinner every night. 

Whether you grew up watching “Saved by the Bell” during its weekly living room showing, or “Extra” is your current post-work celeb news entertainment, you probably feel like Mario Lopez has a special place in your home. This got us thinking, while we get the pop culture scoop (usually while simultaneously cooking for the masses) what is a night at the Lopez’s look like? Unfortunately, reliving his A.C. Slater days never makes the cut. This TV personality is the father of two beautiful children, Gia, 6, and Dominic, 3, and he can’t stress enough how crucial it is for nights to be spent sitting down at the dinner table as a family.

“Everyone has got so many things going on. Not only myself with work and my life but the kids, too, with all their classes. I think it's so important to take a time out and connect as a family, as a father with your kids, and not lose track. Over a meal is the best time to do that,” Lopez told

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It comes as no surprise that The National Father’s Day Council’s crowned 2018 Father of the Year is all about the family unit. With some help from Undeniably Dairy, Lopez is doing his part to promote the importance of device-less sit-down dinners at home.

“I actually love to cook, and food is a big part of my life, family, and culture. I was really happy to partner with Undeniably Dairy because they are all about getting food and family together and focusing on the bonds and the importance of it,” Lopez explained.

Consistently implementing family dinners has so many incredible benefits—it can promote healthy eating, save your family money, and it can improve mental health for all included. But, in order to reap the full benefits and have the highest quality of bonding time, it’s important to unplug and step away from all electronics.

“I also really like that Undeniably Dairy is discouraging people from bringing devices to the table. That is the number one rule at Casa Lopez, you have to put away the devices. No iPads or anything, we are going to sit and talk about what we did today, and I love that. I am excited to talk about the importance of families connecting over a meal,” expressed Lopez.

Unfortunately, more than half of American still admit to using a device while eating, which is why we should all follow suit with “Casa Lopez’s” number one rule. Especially with LOs around, electronics can distract from pivotal self-growth. Take Lopez for example, he often uses dinner as an opportunity to teach his kids more about their family heritage, “You know I'm 100% Mexican and my wife is 100% Italian and we try to really instill a lot of our culture into the kids and with the language and food itself.”

Right now, it may seem like your kids will never leave the nest—we are sad to report that their time at home is fleeting. Why not make those dinner table moments some of your fondest memories, and a tradition they can always come back to?

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