Sonny is a great sleeper and will be crawling soon, but what would he say if he had words? Port would love to know!
Whitney Port and Sonny Reading
Credit: Courtesy of Whitney Port

Whitney Port, “The Hills” star turned designer and mama of nine-month-old Sonny, came by the Parents offices while in town to dish on some of her best kept adulting secrets—one being her milk of choice, Lactaid. It’s almost been a full year of parenting for the first-timer and we have been dying for updates that go beyond her consistent blog and YouTube posts. As for Port’s short answer: Sonny is sleeping through the night, so life is pretty good! (Yes, miracles do happen!)

As of late, Port finds herself in a parenting limbo ofnot wanting Sonny to grow up, yet excitedly looking forward to those major growth moments like crawling, walking, and talking. Trust us, that time will come quicker then Port realizes—luckily, she is taking it all in. I mean how hard could that be with a baby as cute as Sonny? Enough recapping from us, we’ll let the mom-fluencer’s tell-all speak for itself! What kind of milestones is Sonny hitting now?

Whitney Port: He's just starting to scoot around. The next stage is crawling. He's flipping constantly so changing diapers on the changing table is a nightmare. I also find him on his stomach in the crib every morning. But he's sleeping through the night and is down to two naps a day. When he's awake he's grabbing things and putting everything in his mouth.

When did you as a parent first get to sleep through the night?

Probably when I stopped waking up for pumping, maybe around three to four months. I cut out the middle-of-the-night pump, which I was doing because my husband was helping me out a lot by giving Sonny bottles.

What are you looking forward to next with Sonny?

I just want him to talk! But at the same time I don't want to wish away his baby phase. It's so cute—he's so cuddly, and once he talks that means he's getting bigger and time is flying. But I would love to be able to have a conversation with him where he could understand what I'm saying and react accordingly!

And then you'd know why he cries, too!

I just want to know what's wrong! My mom always used to say, "If you can't tell me where it hurts, I can't help you." So yeah I would love to get to that phase. But fortunately, Sonny is pretty even-tempered. He doesn't cry unless there's a specific reason like he's hungry or wants attention. He's not a crybaby!

Is Sonny on to table foods?

He's on to purees.

Does having a kid make you focus more on healthy eating than you used to?

Yes! I feel like I need a lot more energy now, so I try to get more protein and drink smoothies with Lactaid—it's real dairy, just without the lactose so it gives me the protein I need. I started drinking Lactaid because my husband, Tim, is actually lactose intolerant. It's become the go-to drink in our house.