After the new mom made her baby announcement, social media has been flooded with photos from the joyful occasion.

By Maressa Brown
February 05, 2018
Kylie Jenner 2016
Credit: Kathy Hutchins/shutterstock

After months of speculation reigning supreme, Kylie Jenner finally went public with her big baby news yesterday! And now that she's shared the arrival of her "healthy and beautiful baby girl," the internet is abuzz with lots of new details from the 20-year-old's pregnancy, including her baby shower.

Clips from the joyful event were featured in the baby announcement video that Kylie shared yesterday, Sunday, February 4. We got to see guests dressed in posh, cream-colored silk PJs and Kylie's BFFs—Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Karanikolaou—give heartfelt testimonials to the camera, sharing that they were there when Kylie found out she was expecting. They also said they think Kylie will make an amazing parent, given that she has wanted to be a mom for years.

Kylie's besties also took to Instagram to share photos from the shower, captioned with sweet tributes to the new mom.

Kylie's bestie Heather Sanders shared a double bump shot, writing that she was "so happy" they got to share their pregnancy experiences together.

Of course Kris Jenner, sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, and Kylie's nieces North West and Penelope Disick were in attendance for the fête. Activities included decorating onesies, enjoying pink and pretty beverages (including what looked like a latte with a baby bottle picture drawn into the foam), and showering the soon-to-be mom with lots o' baby swag, like a cute white teddy bear.

An inside discussed the contrast between Kim's shower for little Chicago West and Kylie's daytime affair: "Kim got the VIP treatment for her baby shower, it was naturally an out of this world, no expenses spared celeb packed event with Kim as the star of the show. Kylie's by contrast took place a day later and was much more low-key. ... Kylie's friends couldn't use social media so pics didn't leak out, and everyone was banned from taking selfies for Snapchat just in case."

All in all, it looked gorgeous and glamorous, but most importantly, an opportunity for Kylie to bond with her best ladies before welcoming her littlest one!


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