New Mom Kylie Jenner Is Being Shamed for Attending Coachella

The 20-year-old and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, went to the music festival over the weekend, and the trolls came out.

The whole world knows that reality star and beauty entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is a new mom who welcomed her first L.O., daughter Stormi Webster, back in February. And thanks to social media, the whole world also knows that Kylie attended Coachella (or Beychella, whichever you prefer!) this past weekend alongside her boyfriend and Stormi's dad Travis Scott. But apparently, some people believe that those two facts should not be simultaneously true. As soon as Kylie went public with her weekend plans, the mom-shaming remarks popped up.

Kylie took to Instagram to share this selfie alongside the caption, "I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom," nodding to the line from Mean Girls.

She also shared this shot of herself and Travis.

And that's when the haters came out of the woodwork. "You’re not a mom if you don’t take care of your baby and rather have party," one commenter wrote. Another said, "You have money and you can leave baby with servants. But a mom is mom. You being there for your child is important."

Of course Kylie has the resources to hire employees to assist her with child care. Beyond that, she has a huge family, including proud grandma Kris Jenner and sisters with their own kids who likely love hanging with their baby cousin. Oh yes, and then there's Travis' family who surely want time with the newborn, too. To that end, who's to say that Stormi was hanging with a nanny at all? And even if she was, does having a child mean you're not allowed to go out in public and have a social life? Plenty of people would beg to differ.

In fact, Kylie wracked up several supportive remarks, as well. "Let that girl be," one commenter wrote on the shot of Kylie and Travis. "She can have fun while being a mom too... just because she goes out for the weekend...don't mean shes a bad mom." Another addressed the critics, writing, "Leave this young rich adult alone and worry about your own kids. Wasting your time speaking on someone's life who doesn't even know who u are."

Truly, can't we just let this new mama live? With hope, she's not letting any of the negative remarks get to her. After all, we all know that eyeroll-inducing shaming is just par for the course when you're leading that #momlife in the spotlight.

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