Kristin Cavallari Slams Body-Shaming Pregnancy Speculation on Instagram

Can we just stop assuming people are pregnant already? This applies to the people we know in real life AND the celebrities we follow on social media.

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March 27, 2017

Kristin Cavallari was on a well-deserved vacation with her husband when she became the victim of something far too many women face: Pregnancy speculation. The former reality star—who is clearly in amazing shape—posted a photo in which she is perched on husband Jay Cutler's knee. It's a great photo of the couple, but some of Kristin's followers seemed focused on two things: The star's "baby bump" and "stretch marks."

The problem with this? Kristin isn't pregnant, and seeing comments about her nonexistent baby bump didn't sit well with the mother of three. Kristin responded to the pregnancy speculation within the comments section of her post, and her response is something anyone who has ever assumed a woman is pregnant needs to see.

"People, seriously, I'm not pregnant wtf. I've had 3 kids but even so, tell me one person that has a completely flat stomach. And those aren't stretch marks-I was laying on a towel that left marks. Maybe don't stare so hard," Kristin wrote.

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The good news? Kristin's fans rushed to the star's defense—the vast majority of the comments on this photo voice distaste for the obvious body shaming. One follower wrote: "All of you women commenting on her body looking pregnant, what is wrong with you? How would you feel getting comments like that, if you weren't actually pregnant? If there's a baby or not in her belly is not your business - and comments like that are just NOT nice!"

Another added: "First of all, I wish I could look like that even after one child. Second, I wonder what people would think I looked like if I took the same picture perhaps pregnant with quadruplets?"

Fellow moms are particularly supportive. "You look amazing. I'm also a mama of three, and those rude comments don't deserve a response. Just hit delete, and go on being your fabulous self," one follower wrote.

The fact that Kristin clearly doesn't have a baby bump or stretch marks should be mentioned, but it's also not really the point. What matters here is this: It's never acceptable to assume that a woman is pregnant—and pointing out a "baby bump" on someone who isn't expecting is an insulting, invasive form of body shaming.

Sadly, celebrities are victim to this sort of treatment all too often—after all, how many times have you seen false rumors of star pregnancies in tabloids?

But while celebrity pregnancy speculation really needs to end, let's not also not forget that everyday women are susceptible to this. Here's something we all need to keep in mind: It's never ok to ask someone if she is pregnant (or worse, assume she is!)—if there's a baby on the way, your friends (and favorite celebrities) will break the news when they feel the time is right.

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