The first episode focuses on pregnancy realness—and it's perfect.

Kristen Bell Bad Moms premiere
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Leave it to Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres to positively make your Friday. The hilarious duo has paired up in partnership with OLLY Nutrition to launch a new, six-episode web series called Momsplaining, and it really is everything you could imagine. The first three episodes went live on Ellen's app,, and Ellen's YouTube channel today, Friday, January 26. The last three will hit the web on Friday, February 2.

Just to give you a taste of the heartwarming hilarity you're in for, consider the premise of the first episode. Focused on "pregnancy realness," Kristen meets up with first-time mom-to-be Rya Meyers. Her mission: to give her the 411 on major labor and delivery need-to-knows. The pair takes prenatal class together, chats with Kristen's actual OB/GYN Dr. Hakakha, and grabs a bite with Kristen's Bad Moms co-star Katherine Hahn. And it's as informative as it is entertaining.

Additional episodes will feature the 37-year-old mom of two throwing a Frozen-themed birthday party (oh my, talk about hitting home!) and finding out what kids are really thinking when moms aren't around. Other guest stars include Scandal’s Katie Lowes and Kristen's Veronica Mars costar — and longtime friend — Ryan Hansen.

In other words, you're going to want to binge it all ASAP. #RealTalk.