Katie Holmes On What All Moms Need This Holiday Season: 'To Go Easy On Ourselves'

The actress dishes on family holiday traditions and what all parents deserve this year.

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'Tis the season for gifts and for Katie Holmes, there's one present she'll never get sick of as a parent: socks.

"Socks are the best," says Holmes. "They disappear all the time. If you have a lot of socks, it makes your mornings better."

Along with adding those to her holiday gift list, the mom to teen, Suri, is getting ready for classic traditions with her family this year, including cooking together and decorating the tree. "It's very fun to pull out the old ornaments—it's very special," she says.

Another nostalgic favorite for Holmes is The Night Before Christmas, a children's book she recently read for kids at an intimate event in New York City hosted by Epic, a digital reading platform offering 40,000+ books, audiobooks, and videos for kids 12 and under. It's also free for teachers and their students during school hours. "It's important for kids to get used to how nice it is to read and how it can really open their imagination," says Holmes.

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Reading is a pastime the actress enjoys herself. "I tend to read a lot at the same time," she says. "Because sometimes you kind of want to jump around." What's on her current reading list? Linn Ullmann's Unquiet, Sally Rooney's Beautiful World, Where Are You, and Baggage by Alan Cumming, who's also her co-star in Rare Objects, an adaptation of Kathleen Tessaro's novel of the same name. That, along with the romantic drama Alone Together, is one of the two films Holmes directed and acted in this year.

"It's very difficult, and it's exhausting, but it's also very thrilling," she says of directing and acting simultaneously. "I just worked with some wonderful people… and they've become friends so to be able to share the creative space with people that you really love as friends is amazing."

But after such a busy work year, Holmes says she's ready to take it easy for the holiday season. "I'm going to enjoy some time of rest and a lot of reading and spending time with family," she says.

And that's something she thinks all moms deserve to do this year.

"I think all of us need to go easy on ourselves because we're still in a pandemic," says Holmes. "It's very exciting this year that we get to have vaccines and we get to see people maybe we didn't get to see last year. But just enjoy—there's no rush. If you don't get everything done, so what? It's about spending time with people and enjoying people."

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