It's been 7-months since the birth of Jordin Sparks' son, DJ, and she is letting us in on all of the highs and lows with a game of Parenting Truths. 

It’s clear that Jordin Sparks is living her best life since the birth of her 7-month-old son, DJ. The new mom and her husband, Dana Isaiah, are the embodiment of #familygoals as they tackle parenthood for the first time together. We got to witness first hand just how great their dynamic is while getting the scoop on their first year as mom and dad. Plus, we got Jordin to sit in the Parenting Truths hot seat to give us the real lowdown on her new life.  

As far as work goes, Sparks is only willing to partner with products she trusts around her little man and Febreze definitely made the cut. “If I can have something that I can spray that smells good but also safely [removes] odors, it's a win-win because my son is around me all the time. If I'm spraying myself with something, I need to make sure that he can breathe it in too,” Sparks said of Febreze Fabric Refresher, which is her go-to for post-workout freshness.

Being mindful about her product choices wasn’t the only learning curve Sparks has faced within the past year. She got candid with about learning to balance all the people in her life while remembering the importance of me-time.

“As a mom, you have to figure out your relationship with your partner, but also you have this baby that relies on you for everything. I'm still trying to figure it out and space where you can have time for yourself,” Sparks explained. “I do not know if I ever will get it 100%, but as [DJ] is getting older, it is getting a lot easier to be like, I just need to take a second, can you watch him for a minute?”

Besides speaking to the ever-common sleeping curve that comes with parenthood, Sparks made one interesting note on how she is learning more about DJ and his personality every day.

“DJ has his own personality he's got his own likes. He gets frustrated over certain things, he gets impatient, he smiles and laughs at different things. It is really amazing to see all of that come out and I think that is going to be the biggest learning curve right now—figuring out what he loves and being able to stimulate him with [those things.]”

As the first year flies by for Sparks, she noticed that DJ is becoming more like her with time. At birth, Sparks described herself as “basically a copier machine” since DJ came into this world like a mini Isaiah. But more and more she sees the resemblance between her and her son, as do the people around her, “[As far as DJ's] personality, there are a lot of things that he does that are like me. His smiles are like mine, his eyes are just like his dad, the way he observes things and kind of his seriousness is just like Dana, so he is definitely split down the middle.”

If the ear to ear smiles on Sparks face as she reminisced on her parenting highs and lows weren’t proof enough that this woman was made for motherhood, then maybe her hilariously relatable Parenting Truths video is. Don’t forget to check out our video above!