The father-of-two is opening up about baby Miles, how Luna is doing since gaining a sibling, and his swoon-worthy Pampers partnership. 

John Legend and Luna
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

Attention everyone, we have breaking news: Luna is adjusting to being an older sister just fine. I know what you’re thinking—but how can we be sure? Well, we’d like to think our source—John Legend—is a reliable one. America’s favorite family man just welcomed a son, Miles, with wifey, Chrissy Teigen, and we could not be more emotionally invested. But of course, these two have things handled. Legend even confessed parenting a newborn is slightly easier the second time around.

“There is a little more juggling,” the singer chuckled. “It's just not as stressful when you have a decent amount of experience to kind of prepare you and calm you. You understand that every little thing is not the end of the world and that you don't have to feel as nervous about every move you make.”

But parenting two kids doesn’t come without a strategy. According to Legend, the duo is all about, “one-on-one rather than zone, in basketball terms.” This means dividing and conquering rather than handling the duties together. “I'll go out and play with Luna while Chrissy breastfeeding Miles—there is just a little more juggling that goes on,” he explained.

More time with dad? That doesn’t sound like a bad deal. In fact, Legend explained that Luna’s transition out of only-childhood has been smooth sailing even after Miles surprised the family three weeks early. “Being pregnant is difficult, I think [Miles’ early arrival] was a little bit relieving because that meant three fewer weeks of checkups and being pregnant for Chrissy,” Legend explained. “Letting us know that the pregnancy was going to end a few weeks early wasn't actually the worst thing in the world as long as he was going to be healthy.”

Although Luna couldn’t exactly wrap her head around what was going on, she was filled with “amazement and wonder” as the new dad described it. Legend and Teigen had the transition covered, of course: “I think we did a pretty decent job at preparing her for a new baby by making her feel like she is still valued and important in our lives and giving her a sense of the joy and the responsibility of being a big sister.”

There is no lack of love in this household and thanks to Pampers, we got an inside look at what day-to-day parenting looks like for Legend—it comes as no surprise that music plays a huge role. If you haven’t heard, Teigen was recently named the creative consultant of Pampers Pure—the company’s new, all-natural diaper line—and now Legend is getting in on the action. “I'm featured in the next round of ads based on a song that I sing to Luna when I change her diaper. One of our production team members heard me singing it and thought he should mention it to Pampers.”

“It’s a family affair,” Legend said of the endorsement “We have been a Pampers family since Luna was born.”

We can’t stop swooning over Legends smooth vocals and Luna’s sweet giggles. The father-of-two told that he and Luna have always bonded over music—which is very clear in Pampers’ ad. The two often dance to a record player in their living room, Legend admitting, “That's one of her favorite things to do with dada.” Between messing around on the piano and attending Legend’s shows we’re hardly surprised to see how giddy Luna is over the poopy diaper jingle.

Anyone else feeling like they want to be adopted into the Stephens/Teigen family? We love watching these two dominate the parenting game and are happy they keep us along for the ride.