Jewel Stars in Her Favorite Role Yet: Mom

Jewel is an accomplished, award-winning singer who has sold millions of albums. On stage in front of thousands of fans, the recording sensation is a natural. And when Jewel became a mom to a baby boy, Kase, in July 2011, she discovered she had a brand new hit on her hands. Describe motherhood. Jewel: It is amazing and a real learning experience.

How so?

You learn everything new. There's no practice or dress rehearsal. I'm really enjoying it and I can say this is the best thing I've ever done.

Did you rely or read on any books to help prepare for this job?

Right now I'm reading a book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It has really explained how a baby's sleep cycle changes at different ages and when they reach different months of their first year. It has also taught me how to be more pro-active in helping me with his sleep.

Who taught you how to change a diaper?

My husband, Ty [Murray]. He changed quite a few diapers before becoming a dad and even did all of the diapers for the first month. I think it is his way of bonding with Kase, because I'm breastfeeding.

Did breastfeeding come easy for you?

It's a learned skill. You have to stick with it and have a strong support system because it can change day to day.

How would you describe Ty as a father?

He's really good and confident. I have no qualms leaving the baby with him.

Every mom has a bad day or a horrible mommy moment. What was yours?

I've had a few. The hardest, though, was I had an emergency C-section. Getting out of the hospital, feeling that exhausted and in so much pain on top of having a new baby that I didn't know what to do with, invoked sheer panic. I started asking, "Can I give it back?" "How does this work?" It was sheer terror.

Did your C-section have anything to do with the car accident you were in? [In March 2011 a volunteer firefighter's truck crashed into the passenger side of Jewel's car.]

No, it had nothing to do with that accident. As a matter of fact, I was fine after that happened, and so was the baby. None of us were hurt. I had the C-section because my son responded badly to a non-stress test a week after my due date.

You once said you're a workaholic. So what's your biggest obstacle as a working celebrity mom?

To be honest, I just cleared my calendar. About six months into my pregnancy, I quit working and traveling. I haven't booked tours or records. I want to take this opportunity to enjoy being a new mom. I want to be the kind of mom I always wanted to be.

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No regrets about leaving the spotlight behind?

What's the point of achieving fame and making money if you can't take the time off to be with your child? For me, this is what I wanted to do.

Don't you feel you need to keep a little piece of your profession just for yourself?

I think that, as women, we always need to retain a part of ourselves. I think it's important to keep up with it even though it's so natural for us to put things like this aside for the good of our family.

Speaking of family, how are you balancing time for yourself, Kase, and your husband, Ty?

Ty is self-sufficient. He's not a baby. He's very independent and likes to do things, especially when the baby is napping. We have a good rhythm.

On the subject of rhythm, you recorded a children's album.

I've always wanted to do this and I finally decided to do it when I wasn't allowed to travel anymore during my pregnancy. I wrote 15 songs in five days. They are songs that are lessons my son can grow with. "Lullaby" was the first song I wrote when I was trying to get pregnant.

Having a baby wasn't an easy road. You and your husband tried for two years to conceive.

Yes, it was a difficult road.

Would that experience discourage you from trying to give Kase a sibling?

A little bit. There are a few nerves. I'm no spring chicken. I'm 37 years old and would be at least 39 if I were to have another. We might; we haven't decided that as of yet. We're still settling into this role.

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You're hosting a TV series, The Incurables, which makes its debut on January 19, 2012. Why get involved with this project if you're planning to scale back?

I had bad kidneys when I was younger. The doctors could never figure out what was wrong with me and it took time to build up my health. That experience taught me about nutrition, vitamins, and a healthy lifestyle. When this show came along, it seemed like a natural fit because it highlights people who do not take no for an answer from their doctors. They defy the odds by pursuing different health solutions. It's full of inspiration, which is something I want to teach my son.

Describe how you're tackling motherhood.

I use the same thoroughness and tenacity that I've approached my career with. I enjoy doing the research.

What's your take on organic versus non-organic? Getting shots versus breaking them up or not getting them at all?

It's a blessing and a curse having so much information out there.

What activities have you and Kase done as a form of bonding?

Bonding comes with time. We needed time to get to know each other. I enjoy changing every diaper and breast feeding. Even getting him dressed has been fun and a great form of bonding.

Have you have developed more patience since becoming a mom?

A certain type of patience. If anything, I have a whole new mind-set. Nothing is what it used to be. I don't work like I used to do...come to think of it, I don't do anything they way I used to.

Are you taking pictures and videotaping every moment?

Yeah, we're bad. I even made online photo books that include poetry I wrote for him.

Do you give Kase a private concert every night?

It's fun to sing for him. My dad used to sing for me every night.

If you had to pick one word to describe yourself as a mother, what would it be?


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