Everything this mom does is hilarious, from pranking her own kids for a laugh to addressing her son's first bully, and we got the inside scoop on it all.


Actress and New York Times best-selling author Jenny Mollen isn’t your average PTA mom. The former Parents cover star is best described as the mom that never hesitates to say what we are all thinking, yet her delivery is a lot wittier than ours would ever be. If mom superlatives were a thing she would probably score class clown and dream date simultaneously—her Instagram is major proof of this. Along with her husband, comedic actor Jason Biggs, and their two sons, Lazlo, 6-months, and Sid, 4, we can only imagine their house is worthy of its own reality TV show.

So, when we caught wind that Mollen was stopping by the Parents office to promote her partnership with Stayfree for the launch of their new Ultra Thin pad with All-In-One protection, we knew she would be the perfect candidate for a game of Parenting Truths. If you aren’t familiar with our video series, we go back and forth with celebs to find out just what they have or haven’t experienced throughout their parenting journey. More importantly, we get to share some fun dirt on what really goes on in the lives of some of our favorite, famous moms and dads.

Of course, Mollen had us cracking up over various stories of scaring her children for her own enjoyment, hilariously dealing with her kid’s school bully, and even her secret wish to have people mistake her for Sid’s hot nanny. We’ll just let the answers speak for themselves—they’re that good.

Parents.com: Have you ever blamed Jason for a parenting-related mistake you made?

Jenny Mollen: I’m sure I have blamed Jason for a parenting mistake I made. I don’t know, I like to blame Jason for everything that goes wrong in my house. Maybe if I forgot one of Sid’s bah-bah’s—his little blanky thing at school, I would say that daddy must have forgotten that—it definitely wasn’t me.

Have you ever gone all “momma bear” on someone?

Yes, I have gone all “momma bear” on somebody, actually, it was a kid. This kid I found out through a teacher was sort of bullying Sid and Sid wasn’t saying anything—which is weird because at home Sid is such a dictator and fully bullies me and Jason—but I guess at school somebody was sort of giving him a hard time and I was like, “You tell that kid, you mess with Sid, you mess with Sid’s whole family.” And I was serious, I was ready to punt that kid.

Have you ever pulled a prank on your kids just to get a laugh?

I have played a prank on my kids just to get a good laugh. I think Sid was asleep—my father rented a house in California and there was this giant, life-sized shark floating kind of in the pool. Sid was asleep, he was taking a nap and I went to go wake him up with this giant shark like about to eat him. I wouldn’t say it went over well but I enjoyed it.

Have you ever regretted documenting a parenting moment on social media?

Yes, I have regretted documenting a parenting moment on social media. I don’t know I go back and forth. I want to post things from Sid and Laz’s life but often times I feel like I also don’t want to totally exploit them for comedy, only like a little bit—so, it’s hard.

Have you ever clapped back at mom shamers?

What does clap back mean? Yes, I have clapped back at mom shamers—I clap back at everybody. I guess I just learned the word clap back in this interview, but I’m into it. I’m going to clap back even more now that I have a word for it.

Have you ever secretly trash-talked another mom?

I have secretly trashed talked another mom and I have probably trash talked this same mom to her face. I don’t hold a lot back and I feel like if I have an issue with a mom I need to just tell them.

Have you ever spent an obscene amount of money on a toy for your kids that you secretly just wanted for yourself?

I have never spent a lot of money on a toy for Sid that I actually wanted for myself. Sid and I, we just have different tastes, you know. He isn’t into the kind of stuff I’m into. Like, if he wanted a Gucci bag, I’d be happy to buy him one and I’d just carry it for him you know when he is at school!

Have you ever looked to your audience for parenting advice?

I have looked for my audience for advice, not necessarily parenting advice but just like advice on various subjects. I found my nanny through Instagram, you know Instagram is a place I have found a lot of helpful tips and hints and people.