How to Be Pregnant Like a Kardashian

The famous fam has doled out quite a bit of pregnancy advice over the years.


[MUSIC] How to be Pregnant Kardashian Style. #1 Give into your cravings. Kourtney says: "I try to eat pretty healthy, but I think it's fun and important to listen to your cravings. I developed a thing for Nilla Wafer cookies every time [I'm pregnant]. I have no idea why!" Kim says: Damn!!! I spoke too soon! My 1st pregnancy craving! #InNOut #EnjoyingEveryBite #2 Embrace your pregnancy mood swings. So f*cking sick today on all levels!!!!! ughhhhhh I can't deal!!!! Praying I get through the day! hahahahaha Twitter just contacted me to see if I've been hacked LOL #JustPregnantKeeks #3 Don't be afraid to bare it all. Kourtney says: "I'm at my best when I'm pregnant." Kim says: "First they said I'm too skinny so I have to be faking it... Now they say I'm too big so I have to be faking it...SMH!" #4 Raid your little sister's closet. Kourtney says: "Do you like my shirt @kyliejenner?" #5 Ask for the push present you really want. Kim says: "We women go through an entire pregnancy carry a baby... makes sense that we get something amazing to show how amazing we are! lol!" #6 Don't sugarcoat it. Kim says: "Pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! lol! I don't enjoy one moment of it and I don't understand people who enjoy it." #7 Never give up your favorite pair of shoes. Kim says: "Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?" 

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