Nanny Connie Simpson has spent 30 years taking care of kids, most recently Jessica Biel’s son, Silas, and George Clooney's twins. One thing she's learned? Celebrities parent just like us.

By Sabrina James
Courtesy of Rochelle Brodin

Connie Simpson, affectionately known as Nanny Connie, has spent the past 30 years helping families, most recently Hollywood mamas and papas. Now she’s written a book titled The Nanny Connie Way: Secrets to Mastering the First Four Months of Parenthood, and we called her up for some real talk about parenthood.

Even A-listers have to learn to tame tantrums.

“When Jessica Biel’s son, Silas, would test limits with her, we started teaching him about consequences. Every time he’d throw a toy across the room, I told her to take it away. She was supposed to put the toy up high but where he could see it. It was hard on her at first, but when she finally got what she was looking for—a 3-year-old who was respecting his toys more—she was all in.”

Dads with everything can still get psyched over low-tech toys.

“George Clooney and I are both from the same era, when a cardboard box could be more fun than the toy inside it. When his twins came home, an abundance of different-size boxes filled the foyer. This would spark conversation with George over the many spaceships, sleds, boats, and clubhouses they could be turned into. After our laughter subsided, you could see how he couldn’t wait for his kids to reach the age when he could play with them in that way.”

All these famous parents want is what they had growing up.

“Only a few of my clients had parents who were celebrities. Most of them grew up as ‘normal’ kids going to school with friends. That’s what they want for their kids.”

This article originally appeared in Parents Magazine as 'Celebrity Parents Are Like Us—Just Ask Their Nanny.'

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