“It’s okay to have that me time and it’s okay to have that us time."

By Kelly Corbett
February 11, 2019

Spoiler alert: This article is all about truths—parenting truths and Fountain of Truth.

Giuliana Rancic, host of E! News, and mother to Duke, 6, joined us for a game of Parenting Truths and to show us her skincare line, Fountain of Truth, available here, and also arriving at ULTA this spring.

This line is designed to give moms a little "me time"—something that is hard to finagle as a busy parent. At 36, Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having no family history whatsoever, it prompted her to closely reevaluate what she was eating and applying on her skin. Finding products that were clean and naturally made, wasn’t the problem, but getting those products to address the issues she was having with her skin— such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, was becoming difficult. She needed products that would help restore her skin, but also be made from natural ingredients, which put her Fountain of Truth in motion.  (And OK side note—since applying the products I can’t stop touching my face! So fab! But back to the article!).

“I wanted to create a line that was clean, high-performance, but also attainable. This whole regimen is made to really simplify your skin care routine,” explaining how she had TONS of products cluttered around her bathroom and yearned for a routine that was more condensed. For moms that need a little TLC after a rough day—she recommends her Honey Glow Mask: "15 minutes once or twice a week, it’s warming and comforting, like a hug on your skin." And from personal experience, my face is GLOWING.

Giuliana likes to throw on a face mask while having a ‘date night’ with husband Bill Rancic—for the constantly on-the-go duo, date night no longer means getting dressed up to head out to a fancy restaurant or bar. “A date night to us is going in the living room, having a glass of wine, and watching TV," she says, emphasizing how parents need to stop feeling guilty about taking time for themselves and their partner. “It’s okay to have that me time and it’s okay to have that us time. So much of our lives is Duke, but it’s also important for us to keep our relationship healthy.”

For Giuliana's one-on-one time with Duke, a majority of that is spent jamming out. “We love playing music together and singing duets,” she says. And they're way beyond Baby Shark duets—they rock out hard (think: Lady Gaga’s Shallow). While it started out as a few musical toys, it grew into a full-fledged hobby, and now Duke has his own drum set, karaoke machine, microphone, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar.

“I have an acoustic guitar too and I sit in on his lessons,” she admits, hinting that this is more than just Duke's hobby. "I’m just over here making PB&J and just stringing along," she says, so much that Bill likes to ask “are we buying this for Duke or for mommy?” when the family is expanding their instrument collection.

“When you have kids, it brings you back to that time in your life," she says, which for Giuliana, may just be channeling her inner rock star—rock on!