Father of Five James Van Der Beek Calls Baby Wipes a 'Scam' at Golden Globes 2019

Pose star James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly share four daughters — Gwendolyn, Emilia, Annabel and Olivia — and one son, Joshua.
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As a father of five, James Van Der Beek has been through the ringer with baby products and learned sometimes all you need are the basics.

The Pose star chatted with Missi Pyle and AJ Gibson on the red carpet ahead of the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday, where Pyle admitted she had consulted Van Der Beek for parenting advice after adopting a baby.

“You told me, ‘Don’t bother with baby wipes,’ ” said Pyle.

“Yes. Yeah, it’s a scam,” confirmed Van Der Beek, 41. “You don’t need medicated baby wipes. Just water.”

After youngest child Gwendolyn‘s June 15 arrival, Van Der Beek shared a candid photograph depicting a scene immediately following her birth, including a “messy bed,” “plastic sheeting underneath old sheets,” a “vomit bag (unused),” an “inflatable birthing tub (also unused 😬),” a “happy, healthy baby,” a “happy, healthy mom in her own shower right after giving birth” and more.

“The category is: Home-Birth Realness. (Word of caution, if you’re squeamish, just double-tap and move on 👍),” he began the caption on the snap, which also showed himself without a shirt, holding his newborn daughter while son Joshua, 6½, looked on in Spider-Man pajamas.

One detail that couldn’t be missed? Gwendolyn’s placenta, which sat in a metal bowl at the actor’s feet while the cord could still be seen connected to the newborn.

Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly are also parents to daughters Emilia, 2½, Annabel Leah, 5 this month, and Olivia, 8.

In September, the Dawson’s Creek alum revealed on social media that he and Kimberly had suffered three miscarriages over the years since beginning to build their family.

“It will tear you open like nothing else,” he wrote. “It’s painful and it’s heartbreaking on levels deeper than you may have experienced. So don’t judge your grief, or try to rationalize your way around it. Let it flow in the waves in which it comes, allow it its rightful space.”

Continuing, Van Der Beek added, “And then … once you’re able … try to recognize the beauty in how you put yourself back together differently than you were before. Some changes we make proactively, some we make because the universe has smashed us, but either way, those changes can be gifts.”

The 76th annual Golden Globes will be presented live on NBC from the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.

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