Celeb Chat: Summer Hot Spots

When thinking vacations, don't forget about what's in your backyard. My family loves the kid-friendly San Diego area (just two hours away) with Legoland, the zoo's Safari Park, and La Costa Resort. Sometimes, simple is best -- it seems like a lot of celebs I talked to agree!

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Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen
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With a house full of boys -- including 3-year-old twins -- the Modern Family star digs stay-cations.

"As we still hate getting on planes with all three boys, our favorite vacation spots are local-ish. Santa Barbara is only a drive away: Between the main beach in Carpenteria (followed by burgers at The Spot) and the dog-friendly Arroyo Burro, my boys are happily exhausted by naptime. If anyone has energy left over, we go to the Natural History Museum. The bird and bug exhibits are great."

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Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy
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The in-demand comedian and mother of two (ages 2 and 5) is always up for a dip.

"As long as there's a pool -- both my girls are part aquatic -- we just play one dumb game after the next while swimming. And we're always building weird things. Strangely, if they have a bucket of rocks, they're good for about two hours."

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David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer
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Starring in the new Madagascar movie this summer, the proud dad (Cleo just turned 1!) will get some R&R in New England.

"Friends of mine have a place on an island in Maine, and it's really natural and kind of obviously beautiful, especially in the summer. We dig a lobster pit to do lobster bakes, and this is the first year I'll be able to bring my daughter. I'm looking forward to spending time at the ocean and collecting shells with her."

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Originally published in the July 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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