Jenni and Nicole Play Hot or Not: Parents Edition

JWoww and Snooki comment on everything parent-related, from the "dad bod" to how they feel about bringing baby to the bar—and it's just as hilarious as you'd expect!


Hey guys, it's Nicole. And Jenny. And this is Hot or Not, Parents Edition. [MUSIC] I just don't like sex in general. I'm pregnant sex, like yes and no. You like really want sex. Yes. Because your hormones. Are you **** right now At this very moment, no. Oh. Not looking at you. I don't mind sex when I'm pregnant, but once I'm at nine months and I feel like a whale, awful. It's terrible. No. [MUSIC] I would say a manny is For myself. I mean. Not for my kids. My husband is already sexy enough so I'm good. Really? No that is so stupid. You're mean. I'm not mean. I think it's so cute. I only match on Halloween. [MUSIC] I would never. I wouldn't oppose, but I wouldn't hate you if you do. [MUSIC] Gross. A crop top, no one needs to see that. [MUSIC] Oh, my cousin breast fed until 18 months. I'm like, your kid just bit your nipple off. Like now. It's not okay. You know, once Giovanna bit my nipple, which was at one, I was, like, done. >.No bar. What? No kids at the bar. Wow. I've never heard that. Especially from us, like, fairly, we like to go to the bar and have drinks once in a while, but no, my kid is at home sleeping. Yeah. I'm pro waist trainers. I've done waist trainers before. I mean, I can't do it for long periods, but once in awhile here and there, even when I work out. I feel like it helps. Has Lorenzo ever gone up to you and wanted a Barbie? You should be allowed to get a Barbie. Not yet, but I mean, if he wanted a Barbie, he'd get a Barbie. Yeah, like if my daughter Don't be that [BLEEP] parent. Ew. Dad bod freaks me out. I want a dad bod. I mean if you're funny, you've got a great personality and you're still cute. [UNKNOWN] dad bod. Roger has a six pack, it'll stay a six pack until he's 70. Oh, god. [SOUND] [LAUGH]

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