Country Singer Jana Kramer: Pregnant and Gorgeous!

First-time mom-to-be Jana Kramer dishes on her pregnancy food cravings and how she plans to tackle motherhood.


Hey, I'm Jana Kramer, and you're behind the scenes of my Fit Pregnancy and Baby photoshoot. [MUSIC] I am pregnant with my first child, and I'm feeling a lot of things. I'm still feeling nauseous, which is not fun. But I'm really excited. [UNKNOWN] I'm very excited to meet my little girl. [MUSIC] My food cravings have been kind of up and down because I haven't been feeling good. So it started with just cereals and baked potatoes, french fries, anything that really calmed my stomach. But anything healthy I don't like right now. No. Like grilled chicken. Any salads I used to eat a lot of, I can't eat that right now, it makes me ugh. [MUSIC] It's definitely interesting being the only pregnant person on the tour bus. One of the venues gives me a bottle of red wine and I'm like, so close yet so far away. So it's definitely hard, but at the same time, I'm carrying my child and I wanna protect her as much as I can. [MUSIC] The kind of mom that I hope to be, I hope that I'm a lot like my mom. My mom was an amazing role model. Very loving, she was a friend but she was also a mom, and I hope that I can have that sweet blend as well. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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