The celeb mom shared a sweet photo of herself nursing her newborn Miles, as well as her daughter Luna's baby doll, and of course the mom-shamers had to have their say.

Chrissy Teigen premiere of Underground
Credit: Michael Tran/Getty Images

Being that she's raising two little ones, writing cookbooks, modeling, co-hosting Lip Sync Battle, writing game-changing pieces for Glamour, hanging with her handsome, talented husband John Legend, etc., we all know that Chrissy Teigen has absolutely no time for mom-shaming. And yet, no matter what the celeb mom posts, the trolls are bound to come out of the woodwork. The latest illustrated example: Chrissy took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of herself breastfeeding newborn son Miles, as well as eldest daughter Luna's baby doll.

"Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now," Chrissy cheekily captioned the shot.

Shamers came at her for oversharing and needing to cover up. "Why would you post this?" one commenter wrote. Another said, "Just because it's normal doesn't mean the world wants to see it. Just sayin." A third wrote, "Cover up pls."

But per usual, Chrissy had the perfect responses—not only on Instagram but Twitter, too.

At this point, this queen of social media could add professional troll-quasher to her resume. Seriously, the graceful way Chrissy handles this absolute nonsense, time and again, is nothing short of aspirational!