Celebrity Parenting Mistakes (& Successes!)

Often, celebrities are model parents. But sometimes they're not! Copy their good-parent moments -- and avoid their slip-ups. As you can see, kids riding without helmets is the biggest offense.

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Thumbs-Up: Protecting Skin from the Sun

Isla Fisher with daughter Olive
Pacific Coast News

Isla Fisher keeps daughter Olive sun-safe with a hat and long sleeves.

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Thumbs-Down: Not Protecting Skin from the Sun

Jessica Alba with daughter Honor Marie
Pacific Coast News

Jessica Alba doesn't keep the stroller hood closed for her daughter Honor Marie.

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Thumbs-Down: Riding Without a Helmet

Liev Schreiber with son Alexander
Ahmad Elatab/Splash News

Liev Schreiber's son Alexander dons a cap -- not a helmet -- while riding his scooter.

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Thumbs-Up: Protecting Hearing

Drew Brees holding son Peltor
Getty Images

2010 Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees safeguards his son's hearing with a set of Peltor Junior Earmuffs.

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Thumbs-Down: Riding Without a Helmet

Milla Jovovich with daughter
Splash News

Milla Jovovich's daughter Ever rides her bike without wearing a helmet.

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Thumbs-Down: Riding Without a Helmet

Hugh Jackman with daughter Ava and friends
Jason Howard / Splash News

Hugh Jackman's daughter Ava and her friends ride their scooters without helmets.

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Thumbs-Down: Drinking from a Bottle After Age 1

Suri Cruise
Janet Mayer/Splash News

Suri Cruise, 4, sips on a bottle. After age 1, this ups the risk of cavities.

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Thumbs-Up: Protecting Skin from the Sun

Marcia Cross with her family
Kaminski / Splash News

Marcia Cross and husband Tom Mahoney shield fair-skinned twins Eden and Savannah with sun-protective hats and long sleeves.

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Thumbs-Up: Protecting Skin from the Sun

Gavin Rossdale holding son Kingston
Pacific Coast News

Gavin Rossdale dresses son Kingston in a rash-guard T-shirt.

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Thumbs-Down: Riding Without a Helmet

Matthew McConaughey with son
Splash News

Matthew McConaughey's son Levi doesn't wear a helmet while his dad takes him for a bike ride. And it looks like Matthew's open-top drink could spill onto Levi!

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Thumbs-Down: Riding Without a Helmet

Kate Hudson with son Ryder
PPNY / GSNY / Splash News

Kate Hudson's son Ryder rides his scooter without a helmet.

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