9 Celeb Moms Who Want to Make Your Life Better

Watch out, Martha! Some of Hollywood's most notable celebrity mamas are entering the lifestyle-brand arena, starting websites that promote everything from nontoxic baby products to DIY crafts.

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The Celeb: Blake Lively

The Brand: Preserve (preserve.us). Launched in July 2014, the site is, according to the actress's first letter from the editor, "part magazine, part e-commerce hub, part philanthropic endeavor and above all, a place to showcase the power of imagination, ingenuity, quality, and people." Here, you'll find products for women and men, kids and babies, the home, food and accessories.

Will It Change Your Life? Probably not. This new kid on the celebrity lifestyle block has met widespread Internet criticism for its pricey, "artisanal" items (think $22 lemon flake salt) and often pretentious writing, but much like Lively's Gossip Girl character, Serena, we can't help but root for her, even though she's gorgeous, rich, and married to Ryan Reynolds.

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The Celeb: Reese Witherspoon

The Brand: Draper James (draperjames.com). Witherspoon's site, reportedly named for the Oscar winner's grandparents, has yet to launch, but there's already plenty of buzz surrounding it. Witherspoon told the blog Cricket's Circle that she's inspired by the Southern traditions she grew up with. "[My grandmother] surrounded herself with colorful flowers and beautiful things," she said. "I wanted to bring all these ideas to a retail experience. ... We will sell products made in the South by local artisans who are sharing their own traditions (think looming blankets, casting silver, and denim). I can't wait for people to see it because I have had so much fun working on it!"

Will It Change Your Life? Who knows?! We'll have to wait until the site goes live in May.

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The Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow

The Brand: Goop (goop.com). Since 2008, Paltrow has been sharing her favorite places, fashions, recipes, and products along with experts' tips on health, fitness, and mindfulness. Originally a weekly e-mail newsletter, the site now boasts new content daily, and recent hires include Lisa Gersh, former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Will It Change Your Life? Maybe. Critics love, love, love to pan the Oscar-winning actress for featuring stuff like $395 track shorts, extravagant getaways, and recipes for dishes that will cost you a week's salary to assemble (not to mention her infamous "conscious uncoupling" divorce announcement made via the site). But we readily admit we eagerly await our Goop e-letters and eat up Paltrow's candid pics and posts. As long as you go into it thinking "inspirational" rather than "aspirational," Goop actually is a whole lot of fun.

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The Celeb: Jessica Alba

The Brand: Honest Company (honest.com). Launched by the actress, a mother of two, in 2012 to offer parents "safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable" baby and home products, Alba's site, valued at more than $1 billion, offers everything from diapers to mouthwash to candles. Products also are available at brick-and-mortar stores such as Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and Target.

Will It Change Your Life? Yes! Busy moms will love the monthly bundle plans from Honest: Simply choose the items you need and how often you want them delivered, save 35 percent, and pay as you go. Because not having to race to the nearest Costco at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night? Priceless.

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The Celeb: Alicia Silverstone

The Brand: The Kind Life (thekindlife.com). An online companion to the Clueless star's 2012 book, The Kind Diet, the site includes recipes, fashion and beauty advice, travel tips, pet care info and more, all with an Earth-friendly, "go green" bent. Think interviews with yogis, vegan leather clothing options and "action alerts" on subjects like stopping fracking and PETA updates.

Will It Change Your Life? Maybe. If you're fully invested in the vegan, Earth Mama lifestyle, you'll fit right in here. Of course, others will be turned off by some of Silverstone's more controversial parenting practices: premastication (she wrote of chewing up her baby's food before serving it to him), eating her placenta and skipping diapers in favor of "elimination communication."

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The Celeb: Tori Spelling

The Brand: EdiTORIal (torispelling.com). Since 2011, Spelling has used her online lifestyle magazine and social networking site to share her tips for decorating, entertaining, cooking, shopping, family and more, with a heavy dose of DIY. "I love to be creative, and everything I do, from wrapping a gift to writing a grocery list, to planning a surprise party, has a stylish, yet personalized feel to it," the mom of four writes. "It's possible to approach all areas of life this way, and living artfully doesn't cost a thing -- except a little creativity."

Will It Change Your Life? No. But that doesn't mean EdiTORIal isn't a fun place to hang out. With its cute DIY Valentines she makes with her kids, birthday party photos, and easy, kid-friendly recipes, we know haters gonna hate, but we find Spelling's site lovely.

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The Celeb: Elizabeth Banks

The Brand: ElizabethBanks.com. Launched as the official website of the Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect star, Banks' site is now a must-bookmark destination for moms who want to laugh (a lot) as they follow "Geeky Stuff" (funny GIFs and videos), "Yummy Stuff" (recipes and more funny videos), "Pretty Stuff" (the deets on her red-carpet style and funny videos), "Mommy Stuff" (Instagrams, giveaways and more funny GIFs and videos -- yep, there's a theme here) and "Badass Stuff" (just stuff Banks thinks is cool).

Will It Change Your Life? No. But all moms need a good laugh, which is why following this mom of two should be on your to-do list.

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The Celeb: Rachel Zoe

The Brand: The Zoe Report (thezoereport.com). The celebrity stylist/fashion designer/reality star and mom of two launched this daily, curated fashion/beauty/lifestyle site in 2009. It features glam tips, trends, and ideas, so you'll find runway reviews, red carpet pics, favorite products, and shoppable content.

Will It Change Your Life? No. But if you're looking for a dose of glamour when you've been wearing the same yoga pants for days and your hair hasn't left its same ponytail style in weeks, this is not a bad place to start.

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The Celeb: Brooke Burke

The Brand: Baboosh (babooshbaby.com). Burke launched her website, named for one of the actress's daughter's nicknames, in 2007 to feature Tauts, her postpartum belly wraps that she says help shrink your tummy back into shape. The site also offers an organic stretch mark prevention oil, l'huile de Baboosh, along with workout DVDs, T-shirts, and more.

Will It Change Your Life? No. But if Tauts helped the former Dancing With the Stars host look that good after four kids, why not give it a whirl?

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