Catherine shares how there's enough love to go around in her household with husband Sean Lowe. 


Catherine Lowe found love on season 17 of 'The Bachelor' when she won the heart (and proposal) of then-bachelor Sean Lowe. Now, she is psyched to have a big family with her husband starting with Samuel, 3, and Isaiah, 1—plus a third baby on the way, which she announced in June 2019. “I have recently changed my mind from five kids, which is originally what I wanted, to now four,” she says. “He’s whittled me down to four, and that’s as low as I’m going to go.”

Like many parents, Lowe initially worried she would never be as obsessed with her second child the way she was with her first. “It was surprising to me to discover how much love you can give to your second or your third. You actually somehow have another heart built for that child,” says Lowe, who spoke at an event to celebrate Carter’s baby line. “There’s no capacity for how much love a household can be filled with.”

She has a plan, though, to make each of her children feel special. Lowe says she shamelessly shines a spotlight on each kid for the first year or so of their life. “I’m fully obsessed with Isaiah because I was fully obsessed with Samuel at that age,” Lowe says. “I’m trying to replicate that.”

Her mama love made her firstborn a secure little guy, Lowe says. “I think, ‘What did I do to make Samuel such a quality kid?’ I know the love I gave Samuel, I have to give that same love to Isaiah.”

And Samuel totally gets it, Lowe says. “Because I created Samuel to become independent, he knows I am not taking anything away from him,” Lowe says. “I don’t think Samuel has any jealousy, I’ve never seen it one bit.”

Her husband understands her style of bonding with each baby, Lowe says, and he gives credit where credit is due. “He acknowledges that I’m doing more,” Lowe says of day-to-day baby care. “He doesn’t have that instinct to know what needs to be done next. But I have a very supportive partner who never hesitates to help me. He’s never once said no to changing a diaper!”