The pro wrestler may be used to kicking butt inside the ring, but as a mom, she’s slowly finding her way—and that’s okay by her.

Brie Bella on Blue Carpet
Credit: DFree/Shutterstock

Aside from your 9-month old daughter, Birdie, you have a reality show, Total Divas, and a new apparel line, Birdiebee. How do you make it work?

When I was a pro wrestler, we were on the road 250 days a year, so I was used to a chaotic schedule. Motherhood is a little harder. I’m tired all the time. But when you have the drive, the energy is there.

How did you feel about your postbaby body?

Before my pregnancy, I worked out for at least an hour every day, plus I was wrestling five nights a week. I’m trying not to be hard on myself. Birdie is 9 months old, and I need to let myself heal. During the first three months of motherhood I was just trying to survive. Now I’m slowly getting back into it. Because I breastfeed, my posture is really bad and I feel really tight. Yoga helps loosen my body.

You’re tight with Nikki. How is she as an aunt?

Birdie and my sister have a special bond, it’s crazy. I’m worried Birdie will say “Coco,” Nikki’s nickname, before “Mommy”! They Facetime often. Nikki taught Birdie how to stick her tongue out, and the first time she ever laughed was with her auntie.

Will you ever return to wrestling?

Heck, yeah! I think I’ll be able to this year. It’ll be a long journey to get back, and it will be hard. The biggest match I’ve ever been in, though, is labor. It was 21 hours and ended with an emergency C-section. Right now, Birdie is my priority.

What are your biggest lessons for your daughter?

Eat healthy. My husband, Bryan Danielson, and I are already anxious about kids’ parties. Cupcakes, cake, and candy! Will I be that mom who gives high fives instead of goody bags?

Help the planet. She has the cutest wooden toys—no plastic. I also use cloth diapers. It takes 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose!

Celebrate your heritage. Latin culture is about love, family, and food. I want Birdie to feel that. She may not look Latina because she resembles my husband, but she is Latina.