'The Bachelor' 's Bekah Martinez Says Cloth Diapers Can Make Little Kids 'Tiny World Changers'

The Bachelor alum and mom of two recently opened up about why parenting in an eco-conscious way is so important to her family.

Bekah Martinez
Photo: Bekah Martinez

Since appearing on season 22 of The Bachelor, Bekah Martinez has taken fans and followers behind-the-scenes of her heartwarming family life. The 25-year-old welcomed her first child, a baby girl, with partner Grayston Leonard in February 2019, and in late June, their second, a boy, was born. And while raising two under 2 sounds like quite the whirlwind, the former reality contestant says she's taking it one day at a time—and finding joy in simple everyday ways she can help make the future even brighter for her children.

"It's an existential thing, bringing two new lives into the world," says Martinez. "I was like, 'OK, what kind of earth are creating for my children and my children's children to live in?' And so, making our whole household more green became really important to me."

We recently caught up with Martinez about her eco-conscious habits and the advice she would go back and give herself pre-pandemic.

Why Cloth Diapering Is Worth the Effort to Bekah

One of Martinez's main green moves is cloth diapering, which it made perfect sense for her to partner with Charlie Banana, which makes reusable diapers as well as menstrual pads, swim diapers, and training pants.

While she loves being able to pick and choose cute prints for her kids, Martinez acknowledges that some parents might fear that using cloth diapers is time-consuming. "But it's just not as challenging as you might think," she says. "You just got to kind of dive in and get your feet wet and try it. Figure out if it's something that will fit your lifestyle."

The proud mom believes it's worth an extra one or two loads of laundry per week, because of the positive impact it's making on the environment. "The biggest thing for me is to feel like my little ones are being tiny world changers," says Martinez, who aims to teach them throughout their childhood to "make conscious efforts towards more sustainable future."

Why "Reducing" Is So Important to the Mom of Two

Martinez says that while we often use the phrase, "reduce, reuse, recycle," more emphasis tends to be is placed on the second two. As parents, she and her partner are putting just as much weight on "reduce."

"The biggest thing we tried to focus on is family is just reducing our overall impact," says Martinez, who explains that they'll evaluate everything they buy and consider whether it needs to be bought new. They'll also consider whether a brand they're supporting with their purchase is making conscious efforts to reducing their environmental impact.

The Advice Bekah Would Give Herself Before the Pandemic

Although Martinez feels blessed by her positive experience giving birth and raising her children in the midst of a pandemic, she says this tough year has taught her that she can't "do it all."

In fact, if she could go back in time to give her pre-2020 self a bit of advice, she says she would recommend, "Give yourself grace. Focus on one thing at a time." After all, just as simple eco-conscious moves add up, Martinez believes that "tiny steps make big changes that can impact the whole world."

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