First Kylie Jenner, now Behati Prinsloo.

By Lauren Pardee

As it turns out, the public has a lot to say about all the new moms who attended Coachella—and just to clarify, the feedback isn’t great. Just last week Kylie Jenner faced backlash for attending the celebrity social event of the year just over two months after having her first child with rapper Travis Scott. Now, with some heat off of Jenner’s back, the attention has shifted to model, and wife of Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo.

On Thursday, the mother-of-two shared a behind the scenes Coachella moment that captured her, all smiles, pumping breastmilk with the hashtag, “#pumpanddump.”

Let’s just say mom shamers everywhere jumped at the opportunity to share their negative opinions of Prinsloo’s choice to pump and dump at the music festival.

“So why even post this? Most people post on Instagram to share things from their lives. Such as events, feelings, beautiful images in life, etc. Perhaps the need to post this was for attention? Unfortunately that is why some people post also. Especially if someone feels they are lacking in exposure and attention in their lives or carriers....or both!” Said @bonnersmom1.

“Disgusting..what kind of mom pumps and dumps?? Just so you can drink?? Gross..get a life!” Said @breiennetenniswhiz.

“Nooooooo. Such a waste of milk. You don’t need to pump and dump!!! Please research the topic.” Said @whosmirranda.

With 207K likes and over 1K comments, fans quickly came to Prinsloo’s defense to show their support.

“I heard you were mommy shamed for this so I followed you in support of being able to make your own choices regarding your body, your baby, and your milk!!” Said @paide.hass.

“So many misinformed people here... pumping and dumping doesn't just mean you're doing it so you can drink alcohol! Even if you're away from your baby for a short period, not pumping could mess up your feeding schedule when you get back to breastfeeding your baby! Common sense people!” Said @harrietbeattie13.

“Ignore all of this ignorant, negative crap. Breastfeeding is a commitment, and moms deserve a break and time to have fun, too.” Said @justsummerlly.

In our opinion, there should be a support group for moms who attend Coachella—#MOMCHELLA. For the record, we don’t see any new fathers under mass scrutiny for partaking in the festival.

Prinsloo is still a human being, despite being a mom, and she deserves to have fun, be comfortable, and live her life as she wishes—free of judgment. The model momma has yet to comment on the storm of negativity, but we can only assume she reacted with one major eye roll. We did too, Prinsloo… We did too.



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