This autumn is particularly important to designer Rebecca Minkoff, for personal reasons: Her son, Luca, 5, steps into first grade, and her baby girl, Bowie, 3, begins a full-time preschool program. Minkoff and her husband, actor/composer/director Gavin Bellour, who live in Brooklyn, are ready with transition strategies. 

By Jessica Hartshorn
August 09, 2017
Rebecca Minkoff and Kids on Couch
Credit: Colette De Barros

Their Balancing Act

“In our house, one parent is on night duty for the toddler, and that parent gets to sleep in an extra half hour. The other packs lunches and does drop-off. We also have a sitter, and unless it’s fashion week, I’m home by 7 to cook dinner. We both work, so we want to be with them in the evening—maybe to a fault, because we never go on dates! The way I look at it, they’ll be 12 before we know it and won’t want to hang out with us.”

What Bedtime Looks Like IRL

“I don’t want to put the kids straight into a bath and then to sleep, so they go down around 9:30. Yes, it means that at 7:15 in the morning we have to roll them out of bed. Of course on weekends, they’re up, like, ‘Hey, you’re here all day! Let’s not let you sleep in.’ ”

Her Lunch-Box Hack

“I core an apple and fill the middle with peanut butter, then slice it so they can open it up at school. It’s like a peanut-butter cup, but the healthy version.”

She Doesn’t Sweat School Shopping

“Part of me, as a designer, thinks, ‘Why don’t I dress them perfectly?’ But I just want them to be kids. I won’t have a good Instagram photo, but they’ll be comfortable.”

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