Ayesha and Stephen Curry share three children together: daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3, and their 10-month-old son Canon.

By Joelle Goldstein
May 23, 2019
Rich Polk/Getty Images

May 23, 2019

Ayesha Curry has no patience for negative comments about her children.

On Tuesday, Ayesha, 30, shared a big group photo of her family celebrating husband Stephen Curry‘s win at the NBA Western Conference Championship.

In the happy shot, Ayesha and Steph, 31, are seen standing near the right wall smiling, while the mom of three holds her 10-month-old son Canon in her arms.

The couple’s other two daughters Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3, are also featured in the center of the picture standing among their family members.

“Infinitely proud of these guys. Gods grace and mercy continues to cover our family and we are so grateful,” she captioned the photo. “Not about wins and losses, it’s all about family. Moments like this simply put it all into perspective.”

Though Ayesha had plenty of reasons to smile, her happiness soon turned to frustration when some Instagram trolls left rude comments, first suggesting that the mom of three was pregnant again and then body-shaming her youngest child.

“Are you pregnant again?????” asked one follower, to which Ayesha jokingly responded back, “absolutely not LOL. My 30lb son is just breaking my back in every Photo



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