The actress and mom of Jack, 7, gets real about the dirty parts of parenting.

By Emily Elveru
September 09, 2019

You know her from The House Bunny and the Scary Movie franchise. Your kids know her voice from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Emoji Movie, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Actress and mom of 7-year-old Jack, Anna Faris, sat down with us to get really honest about what it means to be a mom today.

While the star of the TV series Mom admits she probably won’t take any parenting advice from her character Christy Plunkett, a single mother who had a rocky parenting past while struggling with alcohol and gambling addictions and an abusive partner, Faris is ready to start a back-to-school tradition with Jack, who’s in first grade this year. “I think he could have ice cream on the walk to school at, like, 8 a.m.,” she says. “Every year that could be our tradition. Aren’t I sweet?”

Even if she wouldn’t do as Christy does, she totally understands her character’s mom-guilt. “We all tend to beat ourselves up…we feel like we’re not doing everything exactly by the book,” says Faris. “I’d like to let all moms off the hook.”

And guys, Faris’s off-screen mom-life sounds pretty familiar too: she’s said not-so-appropriate things that her son would not stop repeating (her lips are sealed on what was blurted out), she bribes her kid with her phone (because who hasn’t?!), and she’s experienced some pretty icky kid messes—“I’m just grateful when it doesn’t involve poop,” she says. (And she's glad to be partnering with Clorox for when things do get extra gross. During her partnership, Clorox is working with Donor’s Choose to help provide clean, creative workspaces for students across the country).

Faris also enjoys playing with Jack and his toys, especially when she can use his play-doh as a stress reliever. Just squeeze it between your palms, she suggests. Now that's practical advice all moms can use as the kids head back to school.