Star Alyssa Milano on pregnancy, losing the baby weight, and raising a son!

Alyssa Milano
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We grew up with Milano, watching her hide her first hickey on Who's the Boss? and cast spells in Charmed. Who's the boss in her house these days? That would be 4-month-old Milo Thomas Bugliari, the first child for Milano and her hubby, Hollywood agent David Bugliari. Milano's not complaining. She's happily nurturing her new guy.

Killer Cravings

I craved white pizza and lemon sorbet. And broccoli. I ate a lot of broccoli during my pregnancy.


My whole family got involved in prepping for the baby's arrival. My job was the laundry and the organizing. I washed, ironed and labeled everything. I was obsessed. My dad, who opened a drawer filled with hats appropriately labeled "hats" said, "It's a good thing you labeled this drawer. I never would have known it was a hat drawer!"


Instead of doing a mural in the nursery, we bought John Lennon drawings from the "Real Love: Drawings For Sean" collection. We thought they'd be something special Milo could always have and pass down. All the books on the shelves have inscriptions in them, too. At my baby shower, guests brought their favorite childhood book and inscribed them.


Om! "I took prenatal yoga three times a week, including the morning I went into labor. It helped me stay comfortable."

Meeting Milo

The moment I laid eyes on him, my heart tripled in size. He's sweet, patient, and smiley. My mom calls him a rose bud. Each day he blooms and grows more.

Momming Up

The first few weeks of being a mom were profound, not just emotionally but also, physically. All the changes you instinctually go through are miraculous. Everything is so new and scary. I ran the gamut of emotions.

Virtual Advice

Tweeting is always helpful. I deal with postpartum feelings by reaching out to mom friends. I became very close with some of the women in my prenatal yoga class. They've had their babies now, too. We have play dates that are more for us than the babies, where we get together and talk about what we're feeling or exciting things about the babies.

More About Milo

Daddy Time

My husband is really hands on. His favorite time with Milo is bath time.

Milo's Entourage

Our five dogs have accepted Milo as part of the pack. They LOVE the baby. It is so cute to see them watch over him. I wasn't sure how that was going to play out but we lucked out.

Daily Itinerary

We keep a routine: Walk in the park in the morning, nap for Mom and Baby in the afternoon, bath at 6 p.m., and bed at 7.

In Lieu of Lullabies

Milo's favorite music is the Beatles and the Jewel Lullaby album.

Watching Milo Grow

Every moment is such a blessing.


I haven't even thought about going back to work yet, but when it is the right time, I'll figure it out. Luckily, I have wonderful parents who are crazy about their grandson. They'll help me.

Getting Back in Shape Game plan

Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Pilates. And walking. I have it all planned. I just need to start. Someday.

Paying it Forward Wisdom-wise

If you have a Type A personality, learn to let go. Be present and in the moment. And when you're so sleep deprived that you can't see straight, remember that this time is so fleeting and you'll miss it someday.

A Few Favorite Things

Homemade wipes! Milano makes them for her boy using Prince Lionheart's Warmies Wipes Warmer. ($30;

AB's pregnancy app, Sprout, was one of her favorite tools. She tweeted: "Love it! My husband and I both use it."

Originally published in the January 2012 issue of American Baby magazine.

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